Feet Together Drill

Can improving your golf swing be as easy as just putting your feet together? The answer is, Yes! Can golf instruction really be that easy? Yes. Let me explain why. The feet together drill is definitely an oldie but a goodie when it comes to full swing drills. This full swing golf drill promotes many good things such as good balance and rhythm as well as improves your timing during your golf swing. Below we will discuss the ins and outs of this simple golf drill and what it can do for you.

To do this golf instruction drill, address the golf ball for a full swing and simply put your feet together. Once in position, take a few “small” swings with a golf ball on a tee no matter what your handicap is or is not. The more comfortable you become swinging with your feet together the larger swing you can make and eventually place the golf ball on the ground. As you will quickly find with such a narrow balance point, this drill tests and promotes good balance and pace during your golf swing. Your goal is to hit a solid golf shot and not to hit it 300 yards. The feet together drill demands that you swing within your capabilities or you will find yourself literally falling down!

If you are not hitting solid golf shots, do the feet together drill whenever you start to lose confidence in your golf swing. If the golf ball keeps going to the right for a right handed golfer then drop your right foot behind you until the right toe is equal with your left heel and make some swings. This will promote the golf club releasing and in a perfect world, you should start to see the ball turning to the left while in the air.

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