All of us are striving to find the golf tips to give us the perfect golf swing. This is as true of beginning golfers as well as well accomplished players. Although there are multiple golf books and golf DVDs of golf tips on the market, most players can improve their golf game by simply paying more attention to what they are doing even before they swing the golf club.

As you watch touring professionals on TV, they take what seems to the majority of us way too much time setting up to the golf ball. Not that we need to take any more time when we play a round of golf, we can be aware of the following golf tips in our golf swing set up:


You have to know where you are going in order to get there. If you are not pointing in the direction that you want the golf ball to start, then you will have to make many manipulations in order to create the ball flight that you want.

You can easily check this in a short practice session on the driving range. As you hit some range balls, lay some clubs on the ground to properly gain your bearings. It will feel different at first. This is good. It means that you are changing something.

Ball Position

Although there are many theories on where the ball should be at address, most golfers should keep this very simple and keep the club head in the center of their stance. Understand that the club head can change, depending on the type of club that you are using.

When you are swinging the driver, the middle of the driver club head will go in the middle of your stance. By looking at the center of the top of the driver head, since the driver head is the widest, the ball will be placed farther forward in your stance than your irons.

When swinging an iron, again place the center of the club head in the center of your stance. This takes the guess work out of where to place the golf ball and will lead to consistency in your ball striking.


This is the most overlooked fundamental throughout the entire golf swing. It is especially important in the setup. If you do not start in proper balance, it is very unlikely you will gain it during the motion.

Balance comes in two forms. Balance needs to be correct from side to side as well as front to back. This is easy to check by moving the weight around on your feet prior to making your golf swing. Once you find your balance, it is not uncommon that you may need to move closer or farther away from the golf ball.

By monitoring these three golf tips in your own golf set up, you will improve your consistency and increase the number of solid golf shots that you hit. Not only will the game become more fun whether you are a beginner golfer or an accomplished player, you will also see you scores improve.

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