Sarasota Putting Lessons

Putting Lesson

Add Content Block Imagine… after only a single putting lesson with your golf coach… you no longer have to wonder…“How do I become a better golf putter?”  “How do I determine my best putting stroke?”  “Should I putt straight back and straight through or should I use an arc putting stroke?”  “What should I be working on?”  I get
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Hitting Solid Putts

Solid Putts: Know Where The Center Of Your Putter Face Is

Do you have trouble hitting solid putts? Do you stand over short putts and doubt that you can stroke it on the proper line? Do you truly know where the center of your putter face is? Do you make what feels like a good putting stroke but when you make contact your hands tell you
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Putting Drill With Tees

Putting Drills With Tees

Many of my students ask me to give them fun putting drills with tees that they can use in practice and improve their scores. When practicing putting, many players will mindlessly take three golf balls to the putting green, drop them at one spot, and hit them towards a hole. Hey look, it’s not a
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