3 Steps To Hitting Solid Iron Shots

@ 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm America/New York Timezone
Heritage Harbour Golf Club
8000 Stone Harbour Loop, Bradenton, FL 34212
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Most golfers think that they already know what they need to do to hit solid iron shots. Grip… Stance… Posture… right?

Don’t be like most golfers.

Learn 3 things that happen in every good iron swing… even the pros. An easy step-by-step process to hit better iron shots.

How easy is it? You will be hitting better shots by the end of the clinic or I will give you a private lesson… for free!

Your fear of hitting bad iron shots will be gone. You will be lofting golf shots towards the hole and getting your golf ball on the green in fewer strokes.

Stop the insanity of being unsure, fearful and nervous over your iron shots. Instead imagine standing over your next iron shot confident, with no nerves and an easy to follow plan to properly hit your golf shot.

By the end of this golf clinic, you will understand:

1. Learn where the low point of your golf swing should be in the forward swing

2. Learn how to use the pressure on the ground in your feet to create consistent contact.

3. Where the fastest part of your golf swing should happen.

“I have made more progress in the past hour than I have over the last 3-4 years of lessons! – Jay

Cost $25/person (includes balls) Payment made prior to the event. Payment can be made with Cash, Check, Credit card, Venmo

Limited to 8 Players

You must RSVP 7:00am the day of the event. To RSVP Call 832-515-7625 or Email [email protected] And Make Your Reservation Today!

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Golf Lesson Package

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