Sarasota Golf Clinic – Stop 3 Putting By Learning To Control Your Putting Distance

@ 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm America/New York Timezone
Heritage Harbour Golf Club
8000 Stone Harbour Loop, Bradenton, FL 34212
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If you’ve tried all kinds of putting strokes and grips, bought a bunch of training aids from TV and none of them worked, then I’ve got something I think you’re going to be really interested in… Here’s why…

Did you know that most 3 putts are the result of the player not controlling their putting distance or speed? They end up missing the putt more long or short of the hole opposed to left or right of the hole.

While standing over the putt, many players begin feeling unsure or not very confident as they remember having watched the ball stop way short of the hole or having watched it go zooming past the hole on the previous hole or holes. These results often result in the player feeling silly or embarrassed in front of the others in the group.

Hey, golf can be hard. I have struggled with distance control myself in the past. However, with the 3 step plan that I have developed, we can eliminate many of your 3 putts.

“I usually had four or five 3-putts a round prior to understanding these simple putting concepts. After this putting lesson and then some practice it the next day, I did not have one 3-putt in my very next round.”
– Geary, Bradenton, FL

After the clinic, you will need to kiss that player that stands over long putts that is not confident and is unsure of themselves goodbye because you will be confident, sure of yourself, and convinced that you will be able to control your distance.

Sign up for the Stop 3 Putting and Control Your Putting Distance…

If you would rather discuss this topic one on one… Book a private lesson with me.

If you do not feel like you have a better understanding by the end of the hour, I will give you your money back… 100% of it.

Imagine… you are standing over a 40-foot putt… you are confident that you can two-putt it or better… I bet that will change your score… See you at the clinic.

Sign up for the Stop 3 Putting and Control Your Putting Distance…

Cost $25/person (Due at the event) Payment can be made with Cash, Check, Credit Card, Venmo

Limited to 8 Players

You must RSVP 24 hours prior to the event.

Call 832-515-7625 or Email [email protected] To Make Your Reservation Today!

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Brad Myers, PGA
Certified – PGA of America in Golf Instruction
Certified – TrackMan Level 2
Certified – Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Level 1
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