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When it comes to improving your game with lessons, there are many types of instruction options available to you. 

Learn more about finding golf lessons near me, taking online or virtual lessons or finding lessons for kids. 

Many lesson packages will start with a new student assessment. This will give both you and your golf coach/instructor/teacher a baseline of where you are starting and allow you to create a lesson plan to meet your future golfing goals. 

Bradenton - Sarasota Instruction

More and more Sarasota golf schools are using technology to improve their students. It can be very helpful if yoru you not get caught up into chasing certain numbers. 

Trackman 4 Golf Training

Trackman improves golfers by using multiple radars to track ball flight as well as gather club information not only for full swing but can be used for short game and putting..

Blast Golf Training

The Blast Golf sensor tracks the time it takes for you to make a putting stroke. Research shows the best putting strokes have a 2:1 backstroke to forward stroke ratio.

Online Lessons For Golf

With our online golf academy, take online clinics/classes as well as receive personalized instruction in our online community from PGA professionals that are there to help,

Online Swing Training

Train to improve your ball striking by completing various tasks that will give you feedback to improve your ball striking and your scores. 

  Online Golf Lessons For Beginners

Use video classes to learn the basics and ask any questions that you have to our pros. Learn fundamentals that will create the best swing for you from our golf lesson experts.

Golf Instruction For Kids

Depending on the age of your child and their golf goals, your needs will be different. No matter how old they are or what their current skill level might be... it is important to keep it fun to keep them engaged. 

First Tee Organization

For the younger golfers, look for a First Tee Organization in your area. They keep things very simple with the swing. This group is also known for teaching life skills. Your child can grow on and off the golf course with this program. 

US Kids Certified Coach

 Once your child is in junior high or older, you will want to look for a US Kids Certified Golf Coach. These coaches use games to teach fundamentals which also will put pressure on the student so they can learn how it is on the course. 

New Student Assessment Lesson

When you decide that a golf lesson package is the best plan for you, your lessons will typically start with an assessment. The assessment can include ball flight and/or club info as well as information on your fitness.

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI)

The TPI Assessment takes you through various body screens that can all be done right on the practice tee and are not painful. Your golf coach will then know what your body can and cannot do to create the best swing for you. 

Why Try A New Student Assessment

This session typically will cost a little less and will allow you to get to know the coach and their teaching style. Not every coach and student mesh. Together you can put together a plan for programs that you both agree will work for you. 

Are Lessons Worth It For Beginning Golfers?

I will answer tis question with a short story...

I always wanted to be able to play an acoustic guitar and was gifted one a few years back. 

Of course, I headed to YouTube to learn what I could as a rank beginner.

If you have tried to improve your golf swing though watching videos… You already know how this ended up.

Yes… I did pick up some things and improved but not nearly the pace as when I scheduled an appointment with a teacher. 

During the lessons, they were able to explain concepts that I had no idea about and drastically shortened my learning curve.

Do you need to take lessons when you first start playing… no. 

However, taking lessons from a professional at the beginning allows you to start having fun and reaching some of your goals quicker than on your own.


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Brad Myers, PGA

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Golf Instruction 

About the Author

Brad Myers, PGA started The Ball Flight Academy to further assist his players to reach their golfing goals no matter if they are taking private golf lessons or online golf lessons.

After graduating from New Mexico State University with a degree in Professional Golf Management, Brad has taught at top facilities in the United States including the TPC at Sawgrass, Alabama’s Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail, The Woodlands Country Club and Resort as well as the TPC at The Woodlands.

Brad Myers is currently teaching in Sarasota, Florida and holds multiple certifications from…
- PGA of America in Teaching and Coaching.
- Trackman – Level 2
- Swing Catalyst – Level 2
- Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) – Level 1
- US Kids – Certified Golf Coach

In addition, Brad Myers, PGA is an Amazon Best Selling Author with his first book...

Golf Shots and Unicorns – Set Up Basics.

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