November 2018 Golf Clinics In Sarasota

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Here is the schedule of November Golf Clinics In Sarasota for The Ball Flight Academy. No matter what part of the game that you need to improve, we can help you do that in a fun and welcoming environment.


November Golf Clinics in Sarasota


To reserve your spot… call 832-515-7625 or email [email protected] Make sure to include your name, the date(s) you would like to attend as as well as a phone number to contact you to confirm or if there is an unexpected change.

The Ball Flight Academy - Sarasota

Brad Myers, PGA

November Golf Clinics In Sarasota


1-NovWed11-NoonLower Your Scores By Hitting Your Wedges Closer$25 Each
2-NovThurs11-NoonHow To Hit Your Hybrid With Confidence$25 Each
3-NovFri11-NoonCreate Confidence With Short Putts$25 Each
4-NovSat11-NoonHit Your Irons With More Confidence$25 Each
8-NovWed11-NoonHow To Pitch The Ball Close Everytime$25 Each
9-NovThurs11-NoonHow To Hit More Fairways With Your Driver$25 Each
10-NovFri11-NoonStop 3 Putting & Learn To Control Your Putting Distance$25 Each
11-NovSat11-NoonWhat You Need To Know To Hit Your Driver Better$25 Each
15-NovWed11-NoonHow To Chip The Ball Close Everytime$25 Each
16-NovThurs11-NoonWhere You Hit Your Driver Face & What It Means$25 Each
17-NovFri11-NoonHow To Hit Your Wedges Close$25 Each
18-NovSat11-NoonHow To Hit Your Irons Solid$25 Each
22-NovWed11-NoonHow To Stop Slicing Your Driver & Iron Shots$25 Each
24-NovFri11-NoonFundamentals Of Hitting Solid Iron Shots$25 Each
25-NovSat11-NoonHow To Chip The Ball Close Everytime$25 Each
29-NovWed11-NoonCreate Confidence With Short Putts$25 Each
30-NovThurs11-NoonHow To Chip The Ball Close Everytime$25 Each
1-DecFri11-NoonFundamentals Of Hitting Solid Iron Shots$25 Each
2-DecSat11-NoonHow To Make All Of Your Short Putts$25 Each


All clinics on this schedule are $25 per player and includes any practice balls that will be used in the session.

Call 832-515-7625 or email [email protected] to reserve your spot in a clinic now!


We have students from the Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice, Lakewood Ranch, Northport, Ruskin, Arcadia, St. Pete and Siesta Key areas.


If you are in our area and want to keep up with what is going on with The Ball Flight Academy…

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