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Playing golf successfully means different things to different people... especially when it comes to kids playing golf. 

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Guiding you and your child through the three different components of Junior Golf...

The Junior Golfer

Goals for instruction for kids can vary depending on age and experience.

The Junior Golf Coach

Finding the right instructor and programs for you and your child to grow is important.

The Junior Golf Parent

What you can do to make the experience a great one for your child?

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When it came time for my daughter to take junior golf lessons, she really wasn't wanting to do it. Although she liked to go to the golf course with her Dad, standing on a practice tee and being scrutinized after hitting every golf ball was not her idea of fun.

However, she loved playing on the golf course and trying to hit her ball into the bunker. This is what she considered "fun" for her. My first thought was “this is crazy” but then I started thinking that the bunker is a lot smaller than the green... and if she can hit it into a bunker then hitting a green should be easy for her later.

Little did I know at the time that what she really wanted to do was rake the sand. Crazy kid! Haha

The way golf was taught to children has really changed since I was a kid and even since my daughter was a kid. Back then it didn't matter how many were in a group and they would line us up on the driving range and have us flail away and flail away and flail away. 

In recent years, a lot of research has been done to find methods to give the best junior golf coaching for kids to learn the game and grow their skills the fastest. Yes learning fundamentals are still important. However, how coaches get their players to experience fundamentals has changed a lot. In addition, fitness has become a much bigger part of building junior golfers.

If you are looking for golf coaching for your kids, this is kind of how they should look...

Golf Lessons For Kids

Youth Golf Classes 

Kids golf classes for kids are usually provided 1 or 2 days a week after school. The size of the group's may vary and you will want to know the student-to-teacher ratio before signing your child up.

The agenda should include time on the driving range for full swing, time on the putting green to practice your putting stroke as well as time to improve their short game, chipping, pitching and bunker play.

As we talked about before, this just should not be standing in one place hitting ball after ball but should be included in some game-like environment. Keep in mind this game may not have a golf club in their hand (especially the younger that they are).

For instance, in the summertime we fill up kiddie pools with water and ice. We then break the groups up into teams and have them underhand golf balls through a low hoop and a high hoop to teach the chipping and pitching motions. This keeps the kids more engaged, helps their learning curve and makes them want to come back and play more golf.

Youth Summer Golf Camp

A summer golf camp for kids is how many of us were introduced to the game via traditional PGA golf instruction. These golf camps should look more like the golf classes that we just discussed as opposed to the kids golf camps we attended. The camps should cover the fundamentals, however, they should also keep it in a fun environment.

You will find most camps scheduled in the summertime. However, many facilities are doing a fall and/or winter break camp or clinic that coincides with when the students are out of school.

Private Golf Instruction For Children

This is the traditional way for children to learn how to play the game. The decision to put your child in private golf training has many factors to it. You will need to consider your child’s current skill level current maturity level, willingness to learn the game as well as what their future goals are.

One on one or private lessons with a golf academy coach can be very beneficial to a player. This will be the time when the player can set short-term and long-term goals and determine the plan to reach them.

The plan should include all facets of the game and every lesson should not be taken on the driving range. Putting, chipping, pitching, bunker play and course strategy should also be taught over a period of time.

Obviously, the actual look will change depending on your child's age as well as their skill and maturity level. However, this should give you a good picture to get you and your child started.

Understandably, not all parents comprehend how some of these “other activities” relate to golf. Please do not get me wrong, the swing, putting, chipping and pitching still need to be taught. However, depending on the age, the development as well as the maturity of the junior, if they do not find the game fun…they are not going to want to keep playing.

By developing the skills, flexibility and muscles needed to play the game, not only will they want to play now but they will want to play for many years to come. Is that not the goal that we have as parents? Give our child something that they can play as well as grow and build relationships with for a lifetime?

Virtual Golf Instruction For Kids

With the way today's younger people are learning through technology, this idea is not as far fetched for them as it is for many adults. 

Virtual Private Golf Lessons For Kids

This type of training would be a one on one session done on Facetime, Skype or Zoom through our online golf academy. Sometimes, the student just wants information and we discuss whatever topic they have questions that need answered. 

If the kids have access to a practice net, these programs can include hitting balls into a net and we can discuss the swing mechanics that they need to improve. 

Virtual Golf Lessons For Children 

These programs typically take place on Zoom as it allows multiple students to be on one screen. This allows all of the players to not only interact with the instructor but the other players in the class as well. This has been proven to aid in learning. 

Some online golf clinics are done in pure presentation form. One option is for the coach to share their computer screen and give a Power Point type presentation. Or... the coach just may turn the camera on themselves and give a live presentation. 

There have also been online kids golf instruction where all of the students have indoor practice nets. This type of a session can be done a few different ways.

The golf coach can treat the session like a real life clinic, where they give a short presentation to start the online golf clinic and then watch the golfers via Zoom, Skype, Etc. and help them. 

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