Sarasota Golf School

Do you love golf but feel like you could use some improvement? If so, a Sarasota golf school may be the perfect solution for you!

At our school, we offer all of the tools and resources, such as Trackman that you need to become a better golfer.

Brad Myers, Certified In Golf Instruction by the PGA of America. will give you easy-to-understand concepts and help you learn new techniques to improve your current skills. In no time, you’ll reach your golfing goals!

New Student Assessment

At our Sarasota Golf School, we take a comprehensive approach to helping you improve your overall game.

As part of this process, we perform various New Student Assessments to get an understanding of your current golfing ability.

These assessments include measuring your current swing mechanics, as well as your ability to putt and chip.

Using the Trackman4 golf swing analysis technology, we are able to gather data on your swing speed, clubhead speed, smash factor, and more to develop a baseline or a starting point.

With this information in hand, we can develop a personalized plan for improving your golf game.

Whether you are looking for private lessons, golf clinics, or group classes, we will help you take your game to the next level.

Private Golf Lessons In Sarasota

Once we have your baseline numbers from Trackman4, we will use the unit to monitor your progress in our one-on-one private golf lessons.

We will share easy-to-understand concepts that we know your body can do from your TPI Body Screen.

We will not spend a lot of time on positions, however, we will give you “tasks” to do and if you complete them correctly, you are in the “right spots.”

In addition, we will use the Trackman4 to give you different feels of impact to improve ball flight. 

What Other Golfers Are Saying…

Based on 105 reviews
Gregg Kinney
Gregg Kinney
I recently had the privilege of receiving golf instruction from Brad after years of inconsistent golf play. His ability to break down complex concepts into simple, digestible instructions is a testament to his skills as a golf instructor. Brad creates a relaxed and positive learning environment, making it easy to ask questions and seek clarification. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced golfer, Brad has the ability to identify and correct the subtle flaws in your technique, leading to improvements in your overall game. He is professional, courteous and a true asset to anyone seeking to enhance their golfing skills. Thanks to Brad, my golf game is much more enjoyable!
Kevin Tokarczyk
Kevin Tokarczyk
I am a new golfer and just started playing 2 years ago with my roommates in college. Now that I have graduated, I’ve wanted to play the game more seriously and started taking lessons 3 months ago. I have had multiple instructors with little improvement. Brad was the first instructor that was able to break down my swing in the simplest way and gave me a better understanding of how my body is supposed to move through my swing. Brad is articulate and concise which is great for me as a beginner golfer because he is able to efficiently communicate without confusion or over-explanation. I have seen more improvement from my one session with him than I have with any other instructor. 1 week on from my lesson with him I am making much better contact with the ball and my swing is smoother and straighter. Thank you Brad, I look forward to taking another lesson from you!
Jeff Haag
Jeff Haag
Brad is one of the best golf instructors I’ve had. He’s very patient, and worked with my swing. It was horrible in the beginning. He broke it down and explained, in small steps, how to improve it. I was never overwhelmed. He gave me drills to do, and I followed his instructions. After 8 lessons, my game has improved immensely. Brad met me at a club fitter, which was helpful. I plan to take more lessons as soon as my rotator cuff is healed! (Not from golf)
john jones
john jones
WOW, what a great training experience. Brad is patient, knowledgeable and a great instructor. He is able to feed information in small increments and it makes it so much easier to learn. I am looking forward to more lessons on the future.
Benjamin Grais
Benjamin Grais
I am new to the area so I was looking for a golf coach who could help me improve my game. I have played golf for 35 years but as I have aged, I needed to adjust my swing with golf lessons and expert instruction. I found Brad's website with a plethora of options including private and group lessons. In the last 3 weeks with Brad's coaching, I have enrolled in both private and group instruction with substantial Improvement. Besides being an amazing coach, Brad has exceptional interpersonal skills. He is authentic and truly wants to learn about you and your golf game. He has the latest technology and is able to explain the results which translates to a better golf game. Thank you Brad! I appreciate all of your help, patience, and guidance.
Bob Hansbrough
Bob Hansbrough
I started taking lessons in July 2022 and my goal was to regain my swing that I had lost due to lack of play for 10 years. I was shooting 100-105. My goal was to regain my tempo and break 90 by 1/1/23. That goal was shattered in just 90 days. I’m now scoring in the mid 80’s consistently and I’ve shot 79 once. Brad has been there every step of the way. He breaks the swing down in bite size pieces. I improve after each lesson and he’s there for his students daily. He even helped me get fit with a custom driver just a few weeks ago at Club Champion. He’s the real deal if you want to improve your game. Thanks Brad
James Suren
James Suren
Brad is a great Golf Instructor. He is good at asking questions to help you learn rather than just giving you the answer right away. Helped me fix my swing and find consistency. Responds to texts when I have questions during practice to keep me moving in the right direction. Highly recommend.
Jr Yang
Jr Yang
After so much frustration hacking away at balls on the range - it was a relief to finally have fun. I improved more in my one hour with Brad than I have in the past two months getting back into the game. His style is personable and relaxed, and he is a very effective communicator explaining concepts and correct feels. I finally feel confident standing over a golf ball again, and look forward to my next lesson with Brad. Roll Tide!
Sam Stebbins
Sam Stebbins
Really personable, easy to get a long with, and great applicable knowledge. I was a little anxious because I have a non traditional swing, but I was at ease with Brad immediately. He didn’t try and change my swing, rather he showed me where I could improve using my normal swing. I highly recommend Brad to anyone looking to improve their game.
Michael S
Michael S
Brad is an extremely knowledgeable and patient instructor. He explains things in an easy to follow manner. I highly recommend.

Group Golf Clinics In SRQ

Group golf clinics are a great way to meet other golfers, learn about all aspects of the game, and improve your game.

These one-hour sessions usually begin with a short presentation by the golf coach, who will then spend time with each individual player to answer any questions and give them help.

Group clinics are cost-effective compared to private lessons, and you can learn everything from hitting your driver longer to putting!

On-Course Playing Lessons In Sarasota

Most golfers assume that the learning is only going to take place on the practice range or practice putting green.

That is only part of the puzzle.

You still have to play golf and not golf swing.

In these on-course playing lessons, you will literally play holes and we will discuss your strategy. In addition, we will put you in some spots in which you have been challenged recently and “work on” that.

If you are a regular student, this also gives me the opportunity to see you on the golf course.

Most players do things differently on the course than they do on the practice tee or practice green.


If you’re looking to improve your golf game, a Sarasota golf school is the perfect place to start!

Brad Myers, PGA uses the latest technology in Trackman4, gives you easy-to-understand concepts, and shares drills to give you references to help you reach your golfing goals faster.

Whether you’re looking for private lessons, group classes, or clinics in Sarasota, Florida, we have something for everyone.

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GRAA Top !00 Golf Instructor in the US at The Ball Flight Academy
Brad Myers, PGA started The Ball Flight Academy to further assist his players to reach their golfing goals no matter if they are taking private golf lessons or online golf lessons.

After graduating from New Mexico State University with a degree in Professional Golf Management, Brad has taught at top golf facilities in the United States including the TPC at Sawgrass, Alabama’s Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail, The Woodlands Country Club, and Resort as well as the TPC at The Woodlands.

Brad Myers is currently a golf coach in Sarasota – Bradenton, Florida, and holds multiple certifications from…
– PGA of America in Teaching and Coaching.
– Trackman – Level 2
– Swing Catalyst – Level 2
– Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) – Level 1
– US Kids – Certified Golf Coach

In addition, Brad Myers, PGA is an Amazon Best Selling Author with his first book Golf Shots and Unicorns – Set Up Basics.
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