Golf School Packages

Golf school packages from The Ball Flight Academy, owned by Brad Myers PGA, come in many forms of instruction.

The instruction offers everything from half-day golf schools to full-fledged 5-day golf schools in Bradenton – Sarasota, Florida.

In addition, if you have a group of friends or a business outing, we can make arrangements to bring our indoor/outdoor technology and create a golf school for you anywhere in the world.

The Ball Flight Academy’s Florida golf schools include half day or multi day Golf Schools and make great gifts to your husband or wife, friend or star employees for many reasons.

Golf School Packages

7 Benefits Of Vacation Packages From Golf Schools...

  1. 1
    Golf courses are known to be located in some of the most beautiful destinations  in the world. Not only are golf courses perfectly pristine, the vistas of the mountains or a beach as a backdrop surrounding the courses are the one of the real conversation topics and really add to your experience.
  2. 2
    You can take advantage of golf school vacation packages alone, with a friend, or with an entire group of people. Many of the fun golf schools for seniors that we conduct are a group of friends from a club. Depending on who goes on the vacation, there are things going on to keep everyone entertained, no matter what their age is or even if they do not golf at all.
  3. 3
    Since the beginning of the pandemic, golf has become a very popular sport among those that have the money to travel. In turn, the likelihood of the gift of a Florida golf school being appreciated from the recipient is very likely.
  4. 4
    When you buy a multiple day golf school package, great discounts and deals can come with it. Many times, golf schools will attach incentives to the packages, offering per person savings when compared to single person prices.
  5. 5
    Beginners can receive the most basic golf instruction with a top PGA Professional. Just because you are not a seasoned golfer does not mean that you should not get the experience to learn from the pros! The Ball Flight Academy Florida golf schools have instructors that are PGA Members and are there to give you the tools to improve your golf game while making it as fun as possible.
  6. 6
    With the best golf schools in Florida, you get incredible deals on more than just golf. Typically, these packages include the golf instruction on the course, practice hours, meals at the golf resorts, entertainment for you and your friends, hotel or resort accommodations, and many times will throw in other little things like loaded gift cards or free bonus gifts. There are many options!
  7. 7
    The perfect Florida golf schools are flexible with your schedule. Let's be honest. You are not a pro and not used to hitting golf balls for multiple days. Select a golf school experience in a Florida location that will allow to to enjoy some other fun things as well. For example, if you are a foodie, make sure you have some of the local unique food spots. Maybe you even want to go on an excursion that goes from island to island to hang on the beach in the Florida Keys.

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Typically, golf school vacation packages include the golf instruction on the course, meals at the golf resort location, entertainment for you and your friends, hotel or resort accommodations, and many times will throw in other little things like loaded gift cards or free bonus gifts.

You also may already be wondering what you need to bring to a golf school... Her eis a short article to help you pack 🙂

With all of these reasons to give the gift of a golf school, when are you going to book your golf experience?

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