Bradenton Golf Lessons

Are you looking for golf lessons in Bradenton, FL? If, so you are in luck! Below you will find just some of the options available to learn how to play golf or lower your current handicap in your local area. Here are just a few examples of golf lessons available in the Bradenton area.

Bradenton Golf Lesson – Private Golf Instruction

Best Bradenton Golf LessonsPrivate Bradenton golf lessons are also known or called individual golf instruction. One-on-one golf lessons are what most people think about when thinking about learning how to play the game. This form of instruction can be intimidating to newer players and thus they opt for learning in a group.

When taking private golf lessons, the instructor is there to help you and only you. You should be the main focus of their attention. Together, you should come up with a plan to improve your overall game that both of you believe in and are willing to commit to implementing.

The instructor should be easy to talk to and at the same time challenge you in the session. You should be asked to do some things that are easy for you to accomplish and you should be challenged to do other things that you may not be very good at… yet.

Private golf lessons are the most expensive way to learn how to play golf. However, with individual instruction, you should make progress fairly quickly. In addition, ask the instructor, if they offer a lesson package or a series of lessons. For example, many instructors will offer something along the lines of six sessions for the price of five.

To learn more about private lessons around Bradenton… click here.

Bradenton Golf Programs – Group Golf Classes

Golfers all play for different reasons. Some play in order to fuel their competitive juices, others play for exercise and to enjoy being outside while others want to play for social reasons. These players typically like being involved in group golf instruction programs also known as a group golf class.

These players seem to prefer a group golf class as they are less intimidating than being just you and an “expert” watching and critiquing your every single move. They are more comfortable as they usually sign up with at least one other friend. In addition to being with their friends, they are able to create new friends and future playing partners with the other new people that they meet in the golf class. It really does not get any more social than group golf lessons.

Other benefits of Bradenton golf lessons in group golf instruction include you can select a topic that is laser focused on what you are trying to improve or more general overall information to help your game. In addition, the cost is typically a lot less than a private golf lesson.

Get Golf ReadyA very popular beginner golf class is a Get Golf Ready Class. This varies from facility to facility but is set up to give you the basics of not only Putting Chipping and the full swing but also cover topics as far as dress code, how to make a starting time or tee time as well as common terms used on or around the golf course.

To find a schedule of group golf instruction in Bradenton… click here.

Bradenton Golf Lessons For Kids

When parents think about golf instruction for kids, they usually think about the typical summer junior camps. No matter your child’s current skill level, the truth is that there are many other options.

There are after-school programs as well as weekend programs such as the PGA Junior League, that are set up to include all skill levels. The players are put into teams, given jerseys, and play a team format with a limit on how many strokes they can take per hole.

You can also find very competitive groups that travel and play golf tournaments. Obviously, it will depend on your child’s current skill level, maturity as well as current and future playing goals.

Bradenton Golf Training For Senior Golfers

Many seniors have given up on the idea that they can play golf anymore. This simply is not true.

Learn more about what a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified Professional can do for you.

Why is this important? These professionals are certified to give you a physical assessment to find out what you can do and then build your golf swing around what you can do instead of asking you to keep trying to do things that you are physically not able to do. Forcing you into some positions is oftentimes what causes injury.

TPI Golf Professionals are also encouraged to build a team of other TPI Certified Trainers and TPI Certified Medical Professionals around them. This group has all been trained to use the same language and can make a big difference in how much you can enjoy the game.

Find a TPI Certified Professional in your area… click here.


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