Kids Golf Lessons: What Are The Options?

Kids Golf LessonsWith all of the news about concussions in sports, you could be wondering… “How do I get my kids golf lessons?” There are so many benefits to a youngster playing golf such as learning self-discipline, learning how to deal with pressure, and learning how to meet and communicate with a variety of different people. No matter whether you are trying to keep your child safe from other athletics or you are wanting them to gain life skills, golf is a great game.

Obviously, the type of golf instruction you are looking for will vary depending on the age and interest of your child. Here is a list of kids golf lessons that could be available to your juniors in your area…

What Is A Junior Golf Camp?

This is the format that many young players are introduced to the game. When school is out, many courses provide junior golf camps. There are many questions you should be asking before you simply “pull the trigger” and sign your little ones up. For instance, what are the times of the camp? What is the structure of the camp? What is the level of the instructor teaching the camp? This can vary… Dramatically.

Some camps are only one a day for a week while others will go from mid-morning to late afternoon. You will want to make sure this fits in with your schedule and more importantly what best fits your child’s current experience and maturity. Depending on the duration of the camp, the cost can and will vary greatly. The structure should be discussed prior to attending again to make sure it is a proper fit for your child’ current level of play and maturity. An easy way to learn about how the camp will be structured is to simply ask for an agenda. If the instructor cannot provide this… you might think again. It makes sense that your first thought is that golf camps for juniors only happen in the summer time. However in warmer climates, some facilities will also host camps for spring break or during holidays.

What Are Junior Golf Programs?

These could also be referred to as junior golf classes or junior golf clinics. Imagine an after-school program teaching kids golf. These are a great way to learn in a group and have other kids to play the game. Again, these will be individual to each course. Finding the proper golf program for your kids will include many of the same things as we discussed in the junior golf camp. As you will see, the golf lessons for kids will change as they grow older and mature. They will also depend on your child’s goals. Obviously, if they are looking to play as pure recreation, the time spent on the game would be different than a serious tournament player. Golf programs for kids will usually cater to one or the other.

What Are Private Kids Golf Lessons

This is as it sounds. Your child has a professional all to themselves for a pre-determined amount of time. There is good news and bad news to private golf lessons for kids. The good news is that your child will be one-on-one with an instructor to work on any part of the game he or she needs to improve. The bad news is that this can be pricey. However, they are getting one-on-one attention. Many times this is a great way for the instructor to actually go out on the golf course with your golfer to see exactly how they react to different situations while playing.

Can Online Kids Golf Lessons Work?

We are kidding ourselves if we do not think that our children consume content the same way that we did at their age. Today’s youth are used to gathering information from online sources such as YouTube right on their smartphone, tablet, etc. Kids’ golf lessons online can be very effective for teens, especially if they are competitive tournament players. This will give them instant access to many professionals and will not limit them to those who only teach in their area. A word of caution here… pick a theory/instructor that you like and stick with them. It is easy to start chasing rabbits (and catching none) with access this easy.

How To Determine The Best Junior Golf Lessons

The junior golf lessons that are going to be best for your child will depend on several factors such as age, maturity, current skill level, etc. One thing that is non-negotiable is while the instruction needs to be informative and results-based, it HAS to be fun for your child! If is not fun for them, they will be asked to play other sports that they may not be able to play for the rest of their life.

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