How To Find A Golf Instructor

Are you wanting to know how to find a golf instructor near me?

You will need to decide what the current goals for your game are. Are you a beginner trying to get off on the right foot or are you a competitive player? These two players could need two different services provided to them.

Here are answers to common questions in how to find a golf instructor…

How To Find A Golf Instructor

How To Find A Golf InstructorUnfortunately, there is not a clear answer to this question. It is a lot like looking for a good doctor, lawyer or accountant in your area. Think about how you would go about doing just that. You would more than likely…

Ask your friends/peers

– Keep in mind when searching for a new golf coach, you may want to be referred by players that are close to your skill level that have had recent successes with a golf professional or golf instructor. So,,, ask your friends.

Use an online service like Thumbtack for golf is an online service. They allow someone to enter the type of service they are looking for locally. will then  provide them with golf coaches in their area that can provide golf packages that can include golf lessons, golf clinics or golf schools.

Google it 

– Like anything else online… buyer beware. As you have done many times, you can go to Google and type in – Golf Lessons near (your city or zip).

Obviously, when trying to find a golf instructor, the more info you type into the search bar the better the results might be. Some examples you may type into Google are… find the best golf coach near me or best golf teachers near me.

Below, we will discuss some other things that you can do to better vet out the teaching professional before hiring him or her.

How Will I Know If They Are A Qualified Golf Instructor

Frankly, this is a difficult one.

If you find a golf instructor that is a PGA Member, this means that they have passed a test(s) that would prove a baseline knowledge.

This does not mean that they have kept up with the ever-changing golf instruction landscape.

Depending on who the golf instruction is for, you should look for certifications from Trackman, Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), US Kids Golf and Swing Catalyst to name a few.

You also need to know that there are some very good instructors that never pursued membership with the PGA.

Mainly due to the fact that Membership requirements would have them testing on many subjects other than just teaching or golf instruction. Some see that detracting from their main focus of teaching.

Questions To Ask A Golf Instructor Before Taking A Lesson

As we talked earlier, this process can be like finding a new doctor, lawyer or accountant.

I would hope that you would interview these types of professionals before hiring them to teach you how to play golf.

After asking these simple questions, you should be able to gauge the instructors interest and/or develop some sort of relationship with them.

Here are some suggested questions to ask a potential golf coach…

        1. How long have you been teaching golf?
        2. Do you have any certifications?
        3. How many lessons do you give in a week?
        4. What is your golf swing philosophy?
        5. How will we develop a plan specific to me and my game?
        6. What will the fees be?
        7. What type of payment do you take?
        8. What is your cancellation/reschedule policy?
        9. Have any players recently reached the goals that I am trying to attain?

Are Different Types of Golf Lessons Available?

All golf coaches offer various types of golf lessons are available. Golf lesson formats can include private golf lessons, group golf classes, golf clinics and even online golf lessons.

This again goes back to the goals that you will have for your game. Here are a few examples of lesson formats…

Individual Golf Lessons 

This is as it sounds.

It would be you spending one on one time with a professional. These lessons are very good for competitive payers as they get the complete attention of the professional for the set time frame.

Individual golf lessons tend to be the most expensive as you are the only one fitting the bill for the professional’s time.

Group Golf Lessons 

Group golf lessons are also known as golf clinics.

Many players enjoy this format as you get to learn the game in a group. It is very social.

If you are a beginner, it is a great way to find other new golfers to play with and depending on the size of the group, the cost can be very minimal.

The professional will more than likely give a short presentation at the beginning of the time. The remainder of the time will be spent with you trying to perform the ideas/theories discussed.

Online Golf Lessons 

Iphone Golf LessonOnline golf lessons or internet golf coaches are becoming more and more popular.

This format is attractive to players that may not live in a metropolitan area, players that are shy as well as many busy business travelers.

It only takes an internet connection and you can meet with a professional anywhere in the world. Many players hold sessions with a golf coach via Skype, Zoom or Facetime.

Some players think this format is not as good as being in person. However, internet golf lessons can be very functional and helpful to the player. I have seen it myself.

Depending on your goals, many things can change.

If you need any help determining your goals or have other questions about how to find a golf instructor, feel free to contact [email protected] We are always happy to help!

If you are looking to find a golf instructor in the Sarasota, Bradenton or Venice, Florida area… Click Here.

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