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Whether you are looking for the best online lessons for beginners or have been playing for some time and are searching for online swing lessons, many players wonder “Should I take golf lessons over the internet?

Many will argue that the best way to get any type of golf coaching is in person. 

They claim there is no way to learn anything about your swing or gain any virtual golf lesson benefits.

Golf Lessons

With the amount of technology that is currently available to learn how to play golf, sometimes it just comes down to how much technology that you currently use or were brought up with.

For example, those that are younger and have grown up with technology in their hands are used to taking internet coaching. 

They have not only played games using it but, they have learned from the technology.

Add to this the ease of producing video content for the instructors, this allows the player to really get to know the swing  instructor before committing to them.

Here are options that you have when it comes to taking online lessons…

Golf Academy

As you look at various golf schools online, you will find that the offerings will vary greatly when it comes to an online lesson.

While looking for the best online lessons to play better golf, you will have to keep in mind that many people have easy access to post to the World Wide Web.

You will need to do some research on the person or people providing the swing information for the online golf instruction online and find the best golf instructor for you. 

A resource that you may not have considered before is to google the virtual golf coach reviews for the site or academy that you are considering. 

The PGA of America also has directories for you to access.

Learn From Articles 

Many instructors provide a vault of swing articles to help you with your training and to help you improve your game. Depending on how long that you have been playing or your current skill level, how do you know which article is right for you? 

You may find a golf article on how to cure a slice but, there are many reasons why your shots could be curving that direction. 

How do you know that internet golf tip will work?

Learn From Videos 

The same question can be asked of golf tip videos, golf swing tip videos or the best golf instruction videos YouTube. 

There are certain sites that house literally thousands of videos that you as a golfer can comb through to fix your swing. 

How will you know if the training info is valid and will help you lower your scores?

Many golfers will tell us that they usually just go to YouTube to find golf coaching videos in order to find free golf swing tips in an effort to help them play better. This type of training, more often than not, is not a help to them.

Obviously, it has not worked out to well for them or they would not be standing on our lesson tee.

Golf Webinars Or Clinics

Golf Webinar:Can they really help me?

Technology makes it easier and easier to produce golf swing video content with things such as Tic Toc, YouTube and Zoom to just name a few. 

Players are now able to interact with an instructor and get answers to their current swing challenges through online training.

A golf webinar is an online lesson that puts you in with a group of other golfers and many will have the same struggles, challenges and questions that you do.

Many times they will have swing topics such as How to stop slicing, How to Hit your driver better, Improve contact with your irons, etc.

Due to the travel distance and cost the cost that you would incur, golf webinars give you access to connect with many teachers that you may not have had access to just a few short years ago.

Even a bigger plus to these swing training sessions is that they are usually at a reasonable cost.

Online Golf Lessons - Improve Your Game

As far as finding help and taking online lessons, an online coach may offer you to video record your swing. 

You then send it to them online, they provide a critique of your golf move through audio and drawing lines on the video that you sent and return it back to you.

Prior to filming your swing, you will want to know where the golf coach or instructor would like for you to place the camera as angles can distort what is really happening.

The various angles can show different things to the instructor or coach.

This time frame will vary depending on which online golf coach is used. Your video could be returned as quickly as 24-48 hours or it could take several days. 

You will definitely want to know their time frame before sending as how quickly they can turn around online golf tips will vary greatly..

You will want ask questions the experience of the golf coach/instructor and keep in mind the credentials of the instructor reviewing your video. 

In addition, cost widely varies for this service.

No matter if you are looking for beginner golf swing lessons online or the best golf training online, do you think it would be worth taking mobile golf coaching? 

No matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, are you willing to pay for quality golf instruction or take your chances with free golf training online? 

Would you be willing to give this "new way of learning online" a try? Why or why not? Do you think it would help you? 

Does Golf Coaching From The Internet Really Work? 

It is really kind of funny to me that players ask this question.

When you stop and pause for a minute, how do you think most of the PGA Tour and LPGA Tour players receive swing help from their teachers? Due to players travel schedules, the teacher and the golfers cannot be together all the time for a daily lesson.

So… these players are taking and sending videos of their swing and then receiving help by either talking to their coach over the phone, via Skype or Zoom. This is a form of an online lesson.

This concept of an online lesson is really not as new as you may think. I've had multiple successes with students that I've never met in person and through online training, they have achieved their playing goals.

Since you can take it with you and learn on your own time, this format works for a variety of players such as busy small business owners, traveling sales people and even CEOs.

In addition, maybe you live in a more rural area without a lot of quality swing lessons available to you. Online lessons open up a lot of new instructors to help you to improve your swing and to help you to shoot lower scores.

About Brad Myers, PGA

Brad Myers, PGA started The Ball Flight Academy to further assist his players to reach their golfing goals no matter if they are taking private golf lessons or online lessons.

After graduating from New Mexico State University with a degree in Professional Golf Management, Brad has taught at top facilities in the United States including the TPC at Sawgrass, Alabama’s Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail, The Woodlands Country Club and Resort as well as the TPC at The Woodlands.

Brad Myers is currently teaching in Sarasota, Florida and holds multiple certifications from…
- PGA of America in Teaching and Coaching.
- Trackman – Level 2
- Swing Catalyst – Level 2
- Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) – Level 1
- US Kids – Certified Golf Coach

In addition, Brad Myers, PGA is an Amazon Best Selling Author with his first book...

Golf Shots and Unicorns – Set Up Basics.

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