Florida Golf Schools

No matter if players are just looking to get out of the cold in the winter or they are looking to develop great new skills, choosing one of the many learning options at one of the best golf schools in Florida could help you transform your game and accomplish both of those goals

Types Of Golf Schools In Florida

Depending on your current playing/skill level and the type of experience that you would like to have, we can customize your golf school so you can develop great skills and have fun while transforming your game! 

Full Swing Golf School

Full Swing Golf School

In attending one of our Florida golf schools, you should expect to work on the driver swing as well as the iron swing.

With the same technology used on the PGA Tour and the LPGA Tour, Trackman, the golf school will gather data on things such as clubhead speed, club face angle, club path, angle of attack, smash factor (compression) carry distance as well as total distance.

In a golf school, we can meet you wherever you are on your journey as we can get very technical, if needed,  or we can explain the information in easy to understand concepts. 

Short Game Golf School

When attending one of our golf schools, students should expect to spend their time on putting, chipping the ball, pitching the ball, lob shots, flop shots as well as bunker shots.

Our golf schools use easy to understand concepts (and a lot of times humor) to help you shoot lower scores.

Depending which aspect of the game our students need to work on, the golf school will begin by assessing where their skills currently are. Together, we will develop a training plan and then execute the training plan to develop great short game skills. 

Short Game School

Half Day Golf School

In the half day golf schools at our golf academy, you can have a full swing or short game experience. 

At the beginning of the full swing class, you will have the opportunity to hit shots while on a Trackman (the same technology that the PGA and LPGA Tour players use).

This will help set your baseline for the golf school and allow you and your coach develop a training plan for the day to improve your swing. You will gain access to these reports via email or the cloud so you can have notes once you return home. 

Your supervised practice time by one of our golf academy coaches is an important element of our golf schools. It will consist of doing the different tasks or drills to help you reach your goal for the day.  

Half Day Golf School

3 Day or a 5 Day Golf School With Playing On The Golf Course

These golf schools make for great winter time travel get-aways. You can mix learning to play better, actually playing some warm Florida golf and enjoying some of the near by sights. 

Both full swing and short game topics are typically covered in these golf schools at our golf academy. In addition, there is some time to spend on some Florida golf courses with your coach to help you transfer your new skills and ask any further questions. 

After spending time at your favorite florida golf course, you can go out on the town and enjoy some of the great local seafood or great Italian restaurants and then take a stroll around St Armands Circle or Marina Jack's marina. 

If you prefer, you could watch the great sunsets on Siesta Key Beach or one of the many other beautiful beaches in our area such a Long Boat Key or Anna Marie Island. 

What Golfers Are Saying About Brad Myers, PGA...

Based on 57 reviews
Joseph Jusko
Joseph Jusko
December 10, 2021.
Before taking lessons from Brad I had a tough time breaking 100 even though I was a 15 handicap two years earlier. I was so frustrated with my game that I almost gave up golf altogether. After just four lessons (and lots of practice) I am striking the ball better than in my entire life!! His calm, measured approach was a perfect match to my personality. There was no magic formula but rather a return to the fundamentals of a solid golf swing which I am building day by day. Golf is fun again! I look forward to continuing my lessons with Brad and becoming the golfer I always dreamed of being.
Michael Gonzales
Michael Gonzales
December 1, 2021.
I have been playing golf for a long time and decided to take a few lessons with Brad. I had not been hitting the ball that well and after just the first lesson with Brad I saw improvement. I played a few days following the first lesson and hit my drives better than I had been for several years. Brad has a way of fine tuning simple things that bring improvement. He is very good at making the adjustments simple and with practice, repeatable. Looking forward to several mor sessions with Brad. Thanks Brad!!!!
Robert Johnson Jr
Robert Johnson Jr
November 27, 2021.
I started taking lessons from Brad back in April. My game was so so. Middle 80s most of the time. After 3 lessons and a lot of time practicing my game is now 78-80. He showed me how to improve my golf swing with confidence!! I would highly recommend Brad for future reference!! Thank you Brad!! Bob "bobbyj" Johnson
Juliana Lima
Juliana Lima
November 22, 2021.
My first experience with Brad was when I signed up for his golf lessons offered through the Suncoast Technical College. I was impressed with his knowledge and excellent teaching skills. After finishing my group lessons I was able to start playing. He helped immensely. I then attended few of his clinics and signed up for private lessons. What a huge difference it made! He helped with some adjustments that improved my overall distance. The biggest difference was the improvement I saw with my drive. I had better distance and accuracy which in turn helped me with my confidence. If you are a beginner or an experienced golfer, I highly recommend Brad.
Barbara Beam
Barbara Beam
November 14, 2021.
I recently had a lesson with Brad and it was time well spent. It was also obvious that he not only knows a lot about golf, he knows just as much about teaching golf. That to me, is of paramount importance if I'm the student! He gave me different ways to practice the skills we worked on and didn't overwhelm me with too many things to remember. Brad is also a really nice guy. I had never met him and was a bit nervous at first. He was kind, encouraging, and quickly made me feel more comfortable. I highly recommend him and won't be taking lessons from anyone else.
Bluewater Gear
Bluewater Gear
November 9, 2021.
I have seen Brad only a few times thus far, and already, he has helped me cut a ton of strokes from my golf game. And just last week, I shot my best round to date. I highly recommend seeing Brad if you wish to improve your golf game.
Justin Phillips
Justin Phillips
November 6, 2021.
If you want to play better golf, go see Brad! Before taking lessons from him, I truly did not understand my swing and specifically what to do when it was off. Last week, I started a round well enough but and at the ninth and tenth hole, I lost my swing. Instead of getting frustrated, I was able to refocus on Brad's had been teaching me and turned my round around and finished strong. Even the guys I was playing with noticed the difference. I have seen great improvement and more enjoyment in my game thanks to Brad. He is a great teacher and coach!
Erik Smith
Erik Smith
November 5, 2021.
I attended Brad’s putting clinic and thoroughly enjoyed it! He was very detailed and concise with his directions and made it easy to understand the drills we were working on. Each drill tested different aspects of the putting stroke that has helped me shave strokes off my game! Brad was great to be around and extremely helpful!
Dan Woldhuis
Dan Woldhuis
October 25, 2021.
Brad is an excellent golf instructor, he helped me understand the basic concepts of the golf swing. Brad gave me drills that I can go back to when my old habits start creeping back into my golf swing. Easy to talk to and made practice enjoyable
Alan Funk
Alan Funk
October 15, 2021.
Brad offered very constructive and useful suggestions in a really concise, simple manner. He was helpful and on point with what I needed to do to hit my driver better.

Best Golf School For Seniors In Florida

When attending one of these golf schools, the conversation seem to always come around to the proper weight training for golfers and what are the best exercises for seniors.

Many seniors that attend our golf schools typically want to compare themselves to the current PGA Tour or LPGA Tour Players and their workout programs. 

The truth is these athletes that you see competing on tv are consistently in the gym. As a senior, you should be doing some physical activity to keep yourself healthy for your regular day to day living. 

Golf Workout For Seniors

When it comes to your swing, being Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified, our golf academy schools can do a few quick (and painless) body screens to determine which exercises for seniors would benefit you. 

In addition, our golf academy schools can determine the best warm up exercises for seniors to allow you to transform your game as well as protect yourself from injury. 

Golf Camps For Adults In Florida

Golf Camp For Beginner Golfers

When talking about newer players or even high handicap players, this programming targets the basics and fundamentals of hitting better shots and playing.

Depending on the golf school or camp that you attend, the schedule can include full swings, chipping, pitching, putting and bunker shots. 

Depending on which golf school option you select, you may go on the course and talk about rules, etiquette and strategy.

Golf Camp For Adults

Golf Camp for Advanced Players

During a golf school for an advanced player, we will train with Trackman 4 to find your baseline and monitor improvements. We also have the ability to use bio-feedback to make changes happen quickly. 

Couples Golf Schools In The US

Couples Florida Golf Vacations

Who does not like to travel and try new things?

With studies showing that ladies are the largest growing segment of players, why not look into travel and book some golf school vacations? 

In developing your very own great experiences at a golf school or golf schools, you have the choice to play as much as as little as you would like on your next Florida golf vacation for couples. 

Florida Golf Schools For Couples

Overnight Golf School Experience

Depending on the Florida golf travel experience that you want to have at a golf school, there are multiple hotel/motel options for you to stay overnight and still be close to the facility. No matter whether both of you or... just you play the game, you can still have a great Florida vacation at on of our golf schools! As you travel to Florida, enjoy the world class beaches, restaurants, aquarium, distilleries, breweries and much much more all while attending Florida golf schools!

Vacation For Beginners At A Golf Academy

 We LOVE getting players started playing golf.

Many of these Florida golf schools for a beginner includes course time but many of the players are also are looking to having fun away from the course as well. Your trip can be customized to do exactly what you want to do and make it world class. 

What Are The Best Golf Academies In Florida?

Asking " What Are The Best Golf Academies In Florida?" is a very subjective question when it comes to finding the best golf schools. 

What I mean by that is simply this... Your current skill level and goals will have a lot to do with what you deem to be the best golf academy or which Florida golf schools are right for you. 

If you are a low handicap player... you are looking for a much different experience at a golf school than looking for an experience for beginner players.  

The better player is probably looking for golf schools with more experienced coaches as they will want more of an intensive. An Intensive will have a lot more detail in the concepts and the coach to use a lot of technology such as Trackman, Blast Golf, etc. 

Now don't get it wrong, the newer or higher handicap students are also looking for quality instruction and training from a golf school but may also be looking for things to do other than practice or play when away from the course, such as kid friendly options.

How Can I Find A Golf Academy Near Me?

As you have done many times before, the easiest way to do it is to simply go to Google and type in... 

Golf Lessons near (your city or zip).

Obviously, when trying to find a coach or instructor (whether in Florida or not) , the more info you type into the search bar the better the results "should" be. 

Some other examples you may type into Google are…

     Find the best golf coach near me

     Find Florida golf school packages

     Find the best golf schools in Florida

     Find the best golf camp near me

     Find golf school for couples lessons in Florida


You get the idea :) and you will start the research to find the best school for you.

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Brad Myers, PGA

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About the Author

Brad Myers, PGA started The Ball Flight Academy to further assist his players to reach their golfing goals no matter if they are taking private golf lessons or online golf lessons.

After graduating from New Mexico State University with a degree in Professional Golf Management, Brad has taught at top facilities in the United States including the TPC at Sawgrass, Alabama’s Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail, The Woodlands Country Club and Resort as well as the TPC at The Woodlands.

Brad Myers is currently teaching in Sarasota, Florida and holds multiple certifications from…
- PGA of America in Teaching and Coaching.
- Trackman – Level 2
- Swing Catalyst – Level 2
- Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) – Level 1
- US Kids – Certified Golf Coach

In addition, Brad Myers, PGA is an Amazon Best Selling Author with his first book...

Golf Shots and Unicorns – Set Up Basics.

Brad Myers, PGA has Golf Students from…


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