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Playing golf successfully means different things to different people...

Let's talk about your options for improving.

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Guiding You Through The Best Golf Instruction

Private Instruction With A Golf Coach

No matter your experience or skill level, you can spend time one-on-one with a coach to get laser focused on your goals.

By finding individual private golf lessons, you will be able to work on any facet of your game that you need to improve including the full swing, putting, chipping, pitching, bunker play, mental game and more.

How would you go about finding private golf instructors near me?  

Like everything else today... Simply put that term into the Google search bar and hit enter. 

So... When taking golf lessons in SRQ... What you can expect during a private golf lesson is for you and your coach to do the following...

Discuss the current state of your game

Create short term and long term goals for you

Develop a baseline of ball flight using Trackman 4 

Get easy to understand concepts to improve your ball flight.

Develop and implement a golf improvement program together with your coach

Understand how learning and progress will be made through practice and course time

Practice... Yes You have to do this to improve

Schedule your next lesson to keep  enjoying lowering your scores

What Others Are Saying...

John Landsbaum

"When I first met Brad, I was a 17 handicapper who slapped at the ball and my misses were in multiple directions. 

Within three sessions, I was no longer slapping at the ball and by the 10th lesson my handicap had dropped in to the single digits.

I can't say enough good things about Brad and his teaching techniques."

John Landsbaum ‧ The Woodlands, TX

Golf Training In Sarasota

Golf Academy Lesson Packages


Golf academy lesson packages allow you to bundle your lesson pricing (and gain a discount) while improving your game. The series includes six one-hour lessons for the price of five lessons. This allows you to save $$$ over the series. 


Each instructional session from a golf lesson package will be a one-hour appointment and follow the structure above for a private lesson. It is suggested that you work on multiple parts of your game during the series to get the most out of your game.


If you prefer the 30-minute sessions, the same discount for these programs are offered. This package would include six 30 minute lessons for the price of five lessons. This allows you to save $$$ over the series.


Each session will be a 30-minute appointment and follow the structure above for a private lesson. What you can expect during your series of lessons is for you and your coach to do the following..:

Discuss the current state of your game

Create short term and long term goals for you

Develop a baseline of ball flight using Trackman 4 and/or 4D Motion Sports

Get easy to understand concepts to improve your ball flight.

Develop and implement an improvement program together with your coach

Understand how learning and progress will be made through practice and course time

Practice... Yes You have to do this to improve

Schedule your next lesson to keep  enjoying improving your game

Golf Clinics In Sarasota - Bradenton


Adult golf clinics at the golf academy cover many topics and are open to all skill levels. They are an inexpensive way to improve your game and increase the enjoyment you get from playing the game.

These events are one hour instructional sessions and are limited to 6 students per clinic. The cost of each of the clinics for a student is $25/ player. You can book by scrolling down and hitting the red button.


I have about 30 Topics that I rotate through... Some of the instruction titles for the events include...


Clinics for Driver...


   How To Hit Your Driver Longer Today!

 How To Create More Speed With Your Driver


   3 Steps To "Hit Bombs" With Your Driver


   How To Hit Driver In The Center Of The Clubface & Improve Contact


Clinics for Irons...


   Full Swing Fundamentals


   3 Steps To Solid Contact With Your Irons


   Low Point And Arc Height Control 


   The Full Swing Challenge


Clinics For Putting...

How To Start A Putt On The Proper Line


   Fundamentals Of Green Reading


   Stop 3 Putting By Learning To Control Your Distance


   The Putting Stroke Challenge


Other Golf Clinic Topics...


   Easily Chip The Ball Close To The Hole 


   Wedges: 30 Yards And Closer


   Take The Fear Out Of Pitching The Ball 


How To Hit Your Hybrid With Confidence


And this is just a sample of the clinics and events!

Book Your Spot Today!

Beginner Clinics In SRQ -

Get Golf Ready Clinics


Whether you have never played before, only played a few times or have not played in years, a Get Golf Ready clinic is one of our relaxing, comfortable and encouraging programs to get the basics for the first time or to ease back into playing again.


The Get Golf Ready clinics are designed to give you the basics over a four week period.


We will have fun covering a different topic each week that will include discussing club fitting, putting, chipping and pitching, iron play and hitting the longest club, your driver.


A great way to pick up how to play is with a friend or family member! Not in our area? Simple Google... Golf Lessons Near Me, Golf Instructors Near Me, Golf Coach Near Me or Golf Instruction Near Me.

Group Golf Classes With Golf Instructor

Attend a group golf class at the golf academy. Here are a few examples of programs...


Intro To Golf Class


These sessions are for new golfers or golfers that used to play and are just coming back to the game. You will understand the fundamentals of how to hit basic shots needed to play the game. These shots include putting, chipping/pitching as well as full swing shots. In addition, you will acquire information about club fitting as well as being introduced to the lingo and etiquette that you need to know to play. I will also assist you if you are looking to buy new equipment at your favorite pro shop.


Full Swing Fundamentals Class


These sessions in our Sarasota golf schools are for students that have played golf for a while. You will brush up on the grip, stance and posture as well as acquire new concepts such as what low point is and why it is important to you and how to properly use ground reaction forces to hit it longer! I will also assist you if you are looking to buy new equipment at your favorite pro shop. And more!

Short Game Fundamentals Class


In these sessions, you will learn the fundamentals of how to hit all of the shots from on and around the green. These sessions will include learning about short putts, lag putts, chipping, pitching and how to read a green.


5 Shots In 5 Weeks Class


In these sessions, you will learn five different shots that will take strokes of your game. The shots will include how to hit your driver better, a 20-50 yard pitch shot, a lag putt, chip shot and how to better hit your hybrid.

Junior Camp For Kids In Sarasota

Junior camps in SRQ during the summer as well as any holiday breaks that the students may have within the school year.


If you have a small group that would like their own junior session or programs, feel free to contact the golf academy at [email protected] and we will will tailor a junior program just for your children.

Brad Myers, PGA has had junior students from Myakka, Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton, St. Petersburg, LWR, Heritage Harbour, Waterlefe, SRQ, Parrish, Palmetto, Suncoast, Venice, Siesta Key and more.

 To find a sample summer camp schedule… contact us here


What Others Golfers Are Saying....

Robert Klein - Testimonial

“Coaching nationally ranked tennis teams in my 13 years at Tulane University, I know what it takes to coach at a high level. 

Brad has been able to take my game to levels that I did not know that I had. 

That is what a good coach does.”

In my mind, there is NO QUESTION that Brad is one of the best golf instructors in Sarasota or anywhere on the Suncoast!"

Robert Klein ‧ The Woodlands, TX


When a golfer books a lesson, they are probably not thinking that the session will be an on course playing lesson.  The vast majority of the time, they are expecting to go to the driving range with their golf coach and stand in a station and hit ball after ball. 

On Course Playing Lesson

Another golf season is kicking off and we all have the notion or the hope that this year is going to be different. You decide... I am going to commit to my golf game and take a private golf lesson series.   That is great but coming up with a

Private Golf Lesson Series: Private Lessons With A Sarasota Golf Academy

In my typical week, I give a lot of golf lessons for beginners. As long as the student wants to be there and is willing to accept instruction, new information, and learn, it is a lot of fun for both of us.It is not uncommon to see the fear or

Golf Lessons For Beginners

If you are looking for the best golf clinics, you are in the right spot. No matter if you are a beginner golfer or maybe a golfer that used to play and now you are coming back to the game after "life happened." You know job, marriage and or kids.

Golf Clinics

Are you looking for a good golf instructor in Bradenton, Florida area? Maybe you are one of the many new Floridians that have recently relocated to the Sunshine State. Maybe, you are one of the many new golfers that were created throughout the pandemic. Either way, welcome! Many of these

Golf Instructor In Bradenton: Golf Lessons From One Of The Best Bradenton Golf Instructors

As you are getting busier and busier in your life, golf lessons online are not such a far-fetched idea.  It is no secret that with the smartphone in your hand, in your purse or, your pocket, business never stops.  Let's make your life easier by understanding how an online golf lesson could

Golf Lessons Online

We have all heard during our short game lessons that you should get the ball rolling on the green as soon as possible.We have heard it from our golfing buddies to your local PGA Professional.However, is it always a good idea to get the ball rolling as soon as possible

Short Game Lessons: Where would you use a chip or pitch shot?

Golf Schools For Seniors When It comes to senior golfers, playing golf successfully means different things to different people.Find the best golf school for seniors with the best golf instructors for seniors to accomplish your goals!Florida Golf Schools For SeniorsHalf Day Golf SchoolA half day senior golf school is a great

Golf Schools For Seniors

No matter if you are playing the PGA, LPGA or Champions Tour or playing for a flight in the Club Championship, it happens on every single Sunday. Someone has to deal with the pressure and tension of trying to win a golf tournament with their mental golf game.  If you

Mental Golf Game

Golf school packages from The Ball Flight Academy, owned by Brad Myers PGA, come in many forms of instruction.The instruction offers everything from half-day golf schools to full-fledged 5-day golf schools in Bradenton – Sarasota, Florida.In addition, if you have a group of friends or a business outing, we can

Golf School Packages

We often get asked if online golf clinics can actually help your game. In my experience, that answer is a strong... YES!If you play any golf at all then at some point you have wanted your golf swing to be more consistent.       Am I right?   And

Online Golf Clinics

Many beginners and high handicappers are interested in knowing how to properly stand to a golf ball. What many of these players do not realize is that it is also called “addressing the golf ball.” I always giggle a little bit when I hear the term “addressing the ball” because

Proper Golf Stance

While there are an infinite number of ways that players hold a golf club right handed, there are three basic ways to do it with an unlimited number of variations after that.The three main golf grip types that are being used are the interlocking grip, the overlapping grip, and the

How To Hold A Golf Club Right Handed

Adult Coaching ProgramsFor GolfOur golf academy look at lessons and instruction differently than others. Adult Coaching ProgramsWill Guide You To Your Golfing GoalsSet YourGoalsAre your golfing goals just to have fun or are they to be a competitive player? Let's talk about it. Improve Your Golf SwingLearn ways to be more consistent with

Adult Coaching Programs For Golf

Maybe... After your last round you were a little frustrated and went trolling online to find out what having a flat shoulder plane means.  You could be looking at various videos and articles about shoulder tilt in the golf swing because one of your golfing buddies simply made a comment

Flat Shoulder Plane

As our world becomes more and more mobile, learning how to play the game through online golf coaching is not such a far-fetched idea. Many players are already taking advantages of coaching from the internet. Does coaching from an instructor over the internet even work? Since the idea is relatively

Online Golf Coach – What are The Benefits Of Online Golf Coaching?

Get Golf Ready Class - Level 1Join us for fun here... A Get Golf Ready class is a great way to get started playing the game or back into the game. No matter if you are a brand-new beginner golfer or used to play golf and are looking to take it up

Get Golf Ready Classes – Level 1 Sarasota-Bradenton-Venice

Many times when you watch golf on television you will hear the commentators talk about the players having a golf pre shot routine.Lately, I've been getting a lot of questions like... What is a pre-shot routine for golf? Should all players have a golf pre shot routine? How do I create a

Golf Pre Shot Routine

Ok... You have signed up for a series of lessons. Do you have a plan of how you are going to get the most out of your golf lessons? Or... are you just going to show up and let the instructor do all of the talking? Well...with all of the

Golf Lessons: How To Get The Most Out Of Yours

You are going to learn how to play golf or lower your current handicap and you  want to know how to find a golf instructor near me? People need to decide what the current goals for your game are. Are you a beginner trying to get off to a fast

How To Find A Golf Instructor

Spin loft is a difficult idea for many players and even some teachers to understand. In this article, we will break it down by each component and give you the definitions that you need (in English). By the end of the article, you will better understand what the term spin

What Is Spin Loft… Explain In English Please

What youth golf lesson strategies do you use with your children? Do you just take them to the course when you go to play? Are they involved in junior programs at a golf academy? Obviously, depending on their age, maturity, skill level, etc. the strategies may or may not need

9 Powerful Youth Golf Lesson Strategies Parents Need To Use With Kids

Have you ever heard of the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI)? Are you looking for TPI golf lessons in Sarasota, Bradenton or Venice FL?Are you tired of playing golf with pain? Do you feel that you should be hitting your driver longer? Do you get tired late in rounds?Ok… I will

TPI Golf Lessons In Sarasota, Florida

It seems like everybody in fix it golf is running some sort of webinar. Why not attend a golf webinar to improve your game? There are benefits to attending an event whether it is live or not. For example, a live webinar will allow you to ask questions related to

Golf Webinar: What Are They?

As many families are struggling to find time with each other, there are many benefits of family golf lessons. They can be a great way to… Well... Let’s just get right into it and list them… Anyone Can Play Golf Keep in mind that the goal is to spend some

Family Golf Lessons: 5 Fantastic Benefits

Have you ever thought about learning golf? Or… Have you ever wanted to learn how to play a musical instrument?  Here’s my story… Like many teenagers, at one point I dreamed of learning guitar and being in a rock and roll band. Now mind you, I did not play any

Learning Golf Vs Learning Guitar

It is that time of year again. Yes... You are right... Time to set your 2021 golf goals. Whether you are up north sitting in snow or are still playing somewhere down south, everyone is starting to to think about what they want to improve on in 2021 with their golf

Golf Goals 2022: How To Set Them & WHY You Are Not Achieving Yours

Although players are always looking for the best putting drills to solve all of their putting woes, there is more to making more putts than just having a good putting stroke.There are three facets that all good or great putters have to make putts.First, they all can start the ball

7 Easy Putting Drills To Lower Your Scores In Your Next Round

Implementing full swing drills into your practice routine is still a vital part of creating a functional golf swing. Currently, one of the buzzwords in the teaching industry is to use random practice to improve your golf swing. However, it depends on where you are in the learning process on

3 Uncomplicated Full Golf Swing Drills That WILL Improve Your Game

For quite a while on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Tic Toc, etc., I am often asked the question “How can I find golf classes for beginners near me?“There are a couple of different ways to do it.First, if you have friends that play golf, you can ask them

Golf Classes For Beginners: 5 Fun Ways To Take Them

Imagine… after only a single putting lesson with your golf coach… you no longer have to wonder… “How do I become a better golf putter?” “How do I determine my best putting stroke?” “Should I putt straight back and straight through or should I use an arc putting stroke?” “What should

Putting Lesson

I think you would be surprised at the different levels of golfers that ask me the question “What is the correct ball position in golf?“ When I learned how to play the game of golf, everyone was taught to play the ball in a different position in their stance depending

Golf Ball Position

Do you have trouble hitting solid putts? Do you stand over short putts and doubt that you can stroke it on the proper line? Do you truly know where the center of your putter face is? Do you make what feels like a good putting stroke but when you make

Solid Putts: Know Where The Center Of Your Putter Face Is

Here is a list of the December 2018 golf clinics in SRQ that will be offered… Subject Date Start Time End Time Price How To Hit More Fairways 12/5/2018 1:00 PM 2:00 PM $25/Person How To Hit Your Hybrid With Confidence 12/7/2018 1:00 PM 2:00 PM $25/Person Improve Your Putting

December Golf Clinics SRQ

When it comes to your practice, you are confused. Am, I right? It sure would be nice to have a great weekly golf practice schedule that allows you to monitor what works for you and what does not work for you to hit the ball better. Let’s get right to

9 Simple Ways To Improve Your Weekly Golf Practice Schedule

Many of my students ask me to give them fun putting drills with tees that they can use in practice to learn and improve their scores. When practicing putting, many players will mindlessly take three balls to the putting green, drop them at one spot, and hit them towards a

Putting Drills With Tees

How many times during a round of golf to you stand and ask, “What are some of the hitting driver basics?” If you are currently struggling with driver, you will probably not agree with me … but… Your driver does not hate you. There are some things about this club

Hitting Driver Basics: Why Is The Driver So Hard To Hit?

“How do I know which golf shot to hit?” I heard this question from one of my players as they were holding a driver in their hand while standing on the 1st tee. He was getting ready to play in a match at his home course against two other rival

How Do I Know Which Golf Shot To Hit?

For many players, the best way to improve their game or their scores is by buying a golf lesson package or a golf lesson series. Although many are hesitant when they hear the upfront cost, many times it is less expensive. Plus, are you there to get one golf lesson

Golf Lesson Package

Whenever I have a new student in front of me, there is one thing that I can guarantee. I will go over the parts of a golf club.   Of course, most players assume they already know all of the golf terms. Sometimes the newer players (or higher handicappers) are

What Are The Parts Of A Golf Club?

Playing good golf has many different areas for a player to be proficient.When it comes to making the golf team, it is not just standing on the driving range beating ball after ball with the driver.The goal of this golf program for kids (Ages 12-18 aka junior high or high

Making The Golf Team

As I talk about dynamic loft or active loft with my students, I first want to make sure that they understand that there is a difference between dynamic loft and static loft. Let’s start with the former… What Is Static Loft On a Golf Club? Simply put… the definition of

Dynamic Loft

I have been very fortunate to be around a lot of couples golf in my time. No matter if it is the weekend 9 and dine also known as a cheat and eat, it never fails to be interesting. This couples golf phenomenon trickles over onto the lesson tee as

Couples Golf: Enjoy It With Knowing This 1 Sentence

In today’s world, many courses are looking for players to fill their facilities. Many facilities implement junior golf programs to create junior golfers to secure the future of the industry. However, as a parent, what do you need to know to best help your child?Setting Junior Golf GoalsWe all have

Junior Golf Programs: The 411 For Parents

  Here is the schedule of November Golf Clinics In Sarasota for The Ball Flight Academy. No matter what part of the game that you need to improve, we can help you do that in a fun and welcoming environment.     To reserve your spot… call 832-515-7625 or email [email protected]

November 2018 Golf Clinics In Sarasota

  Here is the October Golf Clinics Schedule Sarasota for The Ball Flight Academy. We have students from the Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice, Lakewood Ranch, Northport, Ruskin, Arcadia, St. Pete and Siesta Key areas.     To reserve your spot… call 832-515-7625 or email [email protected] Make sure to include your name,

October Sarasota Golf Clinics Schedule

What you should know before you go and get a driver fitting has become more and more confusing to the average golfer when looking to buy the correct clubs. In this article we will talk about a few numbers that you need to be concerned with as an amateur to find

Driver Fitting: 5 Factors To Know Before The Fitting

With all of the news about concussions in sports, you could be wondering… "How do I get my kids golf lessons?" There are so many benefits to a youngster playing golf such as learning self-discipline, learning how to deal with pressure, and learning how to meet and communicate with a

Kids Golf Lessons: What Are The Options?

Are you looking for golf lessons in Bradenton, FL? If, so you are in luck! Below you will find just some of the options available to learn how to play golf or lower your current handicap in your local area. Here are just a few examples of golf lessons available

Bradenton Golf Lessons

Online golf clinics are becoming more and more popular with many players. Back when the earth was cooling and I was learning how to play golf, we did not have the benefit of the internet. Outside of a private golf lesson, a golfer had to read a book or go

Online Golf Clinics

Many golfers do not think about what you need to bring to a golf school until it is time to pack for their experience. Let’s apologize now… as you go through this list, at some point you will hear either your mother’s or your father’s voice in your head. We

13 Essentials To Bring To A Golf School

The number of teaching options to take group golf lessons and learn in Sarasota, Bradenton or the Venice are plentiful.Group lessons are also referred to as group clinics, group training or simply clinics for short. Many golfers think that group instruction is only for beginners. However, this is simply not true.How

Finding Group Golf Lessons In Sarasota, Bradenton or Venice FL

The Ball Flight Academy - Home School Golf LessonsHome School Golf Lessons are being offered for students in Sarasota, Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch, Parrish, Venice, and other surrounding areas.Brad Myers, PGA has had many successes working with junior golfers throughout his career.Brad led the junior program at The Woodlands Country Club

Homeschool Golf Lessons In Sarasota/Venice/Bradenton

As you think back to the article that you read last night and again wonder, “What is blocked practice vs random practice for golfers?” Another weekend of bad golf and you know something has to change with your practice. You have spent extra time with your golf practice and you

Blocked Vs. Random Practice For Golf

Sarasota junior golf camps are a popular way for your kids to not only learn how to play golf but also have a lot of fun!In years past, Sarasota junior golf camps have consisted of standing on a driving range and doing boring golf drills after golf drills in the

Sarasota Junior Golf Camps
Golf Schools For Seniors
Golf School Packages
13 Essentials To Bring To A Golf School