Finding Group Golf Lessons In Sarasota, Bradenton or Venice FL

The options to take group golf lessons in Sarasota, Bradenton or the Venice are plentiful. Group lessons are also referred to as group golf clinics or simply golf clinics for short. Many people think that group golf lessons are only for beginners. This is simply not true.

How Do You Know If Learning How To Play Golf In A Group Is Right For You?

Individual Golf LessonAs a player, you need to decide what your goals for playing the game are. If they are to be a serious competitive player, then yes, group golf lessons may not be for you as you will need more one on one attention than a group will provide.

Most golfers play the game because of its social aspects. They either already have a friend or friends that they can accompany to the clinic. Let’s be serious, it is more fun learning with your friends! In addition, there have been studies that have shown that learning takes place faster in groups.

How Do I Find Group Golf Lessons Near Me?

I am guessing since you are reading this on the internet that you are familiar with Google. Simply type group golf lessons near me or golf clinics near me into the search bar and Google will provide you with multiple options.

If you are not familiar with taking golf instruction, click this link to the Questions You Should Ask BEFORE Taking Golf Instruction. Many of these questions are the same for taking instruction in a group as they are for taking an individual lesson.

Are There Group Golf Lessons For Beginners?

Get Golf ReadyThe large majority of group golf instruction are aimed at people just learning to play golf or a beginner. A great program for beginners is the Get Golf Ready Program. They are easy to find (type Get Golf Ready near me into Google :). In addition, they are cost effective. Although the cost will vary by facility, the program is usually $99 for a four or five-week program.

The instructor should walk you around the facility introducing you to where the golf shop, restaurant and practice facilities are. In addition, they should go over things like how to make a tee time or a starting reservation at the facility. In future sessions, basics of the full swing, putting and the short game are covered.

Are Ladies Group Golf Lessons Available?

Yes, they are! If you are more comfortable learning in a group of other ladies, many facilities offer ladies golf clinics. Typically, these groups are learning how to play golf or listed under beginner clinics. As you develop more skill as a player, more of the group clinics will tend to be co-ed.

Are Group Golf Lessons For Kids Offered?

In the industry, these are often referred to as junior golf lessons or clinics. As you can imagine, they are very popular in the summertime when the kids are out on vacation. Many facilities will host junior golf camps over the summer months.

Summertime is not the only time that golf clinics for kids are offered. Check with local facilities and many will operate golf clinics for children during a holiday break, fall break or spring break. Again, you will want to make sure the youth golf program fits not only your schedule but the skill level and the goals that your child has when it comes to playing golf.

As you can see from just this short article, there are many options to take group golf lessons in Sarasota, Bradenton or the Venice. In addition, many professionals will work with you to develop a specific program for your group whether it be three or three hundred!

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