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Online golf clinics are becoming more and more popular with many players. Back when the earth was cooling and I was learning how to play golf, we did not have the benefit of the internet. Outside of a private golf lesson, a golfer had to read a book or go through the monthly addition of Golf Digest. Boy… How things have changed! I believe for the good.

Group golf instruction on the internet takes many different forms. We get many questions around the subject and will answer the most asked questions below:

How Do I Find Online Golf Clinics?

Online Golf ClinicAt the risk of sounding condescending… Google it. Is that not the answer to most questions that you have now days? Haha (I am laughing with you) It does really matter which browser that you use. Simply type the phrase online golf clinics or something similar such as internet golf clinics, etc into Google, Bing or whatever your favorite search engine might be. If you are reading this… I am going to assume that you know how to use a search box.

With the ability to stream video available to a wide variety of people, online interactive golf lessons are becoming more and more accessible to golf coaches that are willing to put themselves “out there.” With apps like Periscope and the move Facebook has made with Facebook Live, finding quality golf instruction information has never been easier.

What Skill Level Do I Need To Be before I Attend Online Golf Clinics?

The offerings vary from very basic information for beginners to pretty deep discussions of theory. You will want to ask a few questions before plunking any money down. If it happens to be free, you might as well check it out as you never know what you might learn and you can leave anytime that you wish.

Many players like the fact that they are able to interact with the instructor. This allows them not only to ask personalized questions but also lets them to get to know the instructor’s personality. In addition, online golf instruction allows players to have access to many more instructors than we had access to “back in the day.”

What Technology Do I Need To Attend An Internet Golf Clinics?

If you are reading this. You already have the technology needed to attend. It really depends on what you have and where you are going to be when the online golf class takes place. For example, if it is in the evening, maybe you want o watch it on your desktop computer or just sit on the couch and participate with your laptop, tablet or IPad.

If you are already on the driving range, as long as you have in internet connection or if you have a great data plan you can stream the event straight to your smart phone, Iphone or Droid. I usually have people laugh when I say this but I have had it happen to me. Someone will ask a question and unknown to me they are on a driving range. A few minutes later they show up again and thank me for the advice!

Can I Really Learn Anything From Online Golf Clinics?

As you can imagine, we get his question all of the time. I mean… A LOT. Here are my thoughts on it. The format of the clinic can take various formats. The two most popular formats are a presentation followed by Q&A or a straight Q&A.

In either format, you will be receiving new information. How you process it, understand it and implement it. If you do not understand it, then you should keep asking questions and then go implement it.

When I say implement it, I mean give it some time. In my opinion, taking one bad swing and proclaiming that does not work is not implementing it. As long as I have been teaching and playing the game, Rarely (like never) have I given someone a piece of info and they “have it” on the very first swing and never lose it. We are human beings and… it just does not work that way.

So.. to answer the question, I do believe that you can learn something from online golf lessons as I have had students improve through them.

How Do I Know The Golf Instructor Is A Good One?

As we have learned from TV shows like Catfish on MTV, not everyone online is who they claim to be. As long as you have a camera and an internet connection, you can start spewing your beliefs about any topic out there and golf is no exception.

We have written another article (that you can read… Here) talking about how to find a good golf instructor or coach. The rules are the same whether it is finding one online or finding one to take in person lessons.

Use your social networks and throw the question out to your followers, friends, etc. I have found them to be helpful and very truthful when I have asked questions to my audiences. Maybe too truthful? Haha

As online golf clinics are still fairly new, it is typical that people will question whether learning can happen or if it is just another fad. You should give one a try and decide for yourself if it beneficial to you or not.

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