Golf Webinar: What Are They?

It seems like everybody in fix it golf is running some sort of webinar. Why not attend a golf webinar to improve your game? There are benefits to attending an event whether it is live or not. For example, a live webinar will allow you to ask questions related to your own ball flight and the Professional/Instructor/Moderator will answer your specific question! If you are watching a replay, it is at your convenience of when and where you watch and learn. Plus you can back it up if you do not understand something… WIN!

Golf Webinars

What Is A Golf Webinar?

The term basically comes from talking about the topic of golf. Webinar comes from a seminar that you watch on the world wide web. So… put together web and seminar and you get WEBINAR! You can look at it as an online golf class or an online golf clinic. There are various formats and topics to cover. Let’s discuss some here:

Golf Webinar Formats

Talk Show – Some webinars may take the format of a television show. For example, they may have a weekly guest that they ask questions to and have to demonstrate different ideas to the audience.

Q & A – This is my favorite format because it seems to be different every single time. The audience gets to ask questions and the golf instructor/coach answers each question. Even if you are not the one asking the direct question, you may be able to glean some useful information to help you with your game. Word of warning, though… the info needs to match with what you are attempting to accomplish in your swing. If not, the results could be bad… very bad.

Presentation – In this format, an instructor will basically give a presentation. They will typically take a couple of questions at the end. They could even have a couple of planted questions to answer after the presentation. The presentation could be just a verbal presentation or depending on the topic, done through PowerPoint or something similar.

Golf Webinar Topics

As you can imagine, with golfers looking for all kinds of answers for a quick fix golf swing, topics that can be covered in a golf webinar are endless. Here are a few examples of what you might find include but are not limited to:

Ladies Golf Webinar

This could be a conversation specific to ladies golf equipment, golf balls, practice routines, dress codes and any other ladies specific topic.

How To Hit a Draw

– This could be a high or low-level presentation on what exactly is a proper draw ball flight. What are the factors that make the ball start where it does and what makes it turn once it is in the air?

Junior Golf Webinar

This could be a conversation about practice tips, practice games, how much time should be allotted to practice versus playing, how often should my junior be playing golf, etc.

How To Make ALL Of Your Short Putts

This could be a demonstration on what dictates what makes a player a good short putter.

Golf Webinar for Seniors

This could be a conversation about tips and tactics to make the golf swing easier and less painful while still producing predictable ball flight patterns.

Free Golf Webinar

This could be an open questions and answer session. Many golfers have the same type of questions about their ball flight or golf swing. 


No matter your skill level, you can always pick up some good information or confirm some thoughts that you have about the golf swing through a golf webinar.

You do not have to agree with everything that is being presented. However, you can challenge yourself and your thinking.

You are ultimately in charge of your golf swing and the information that you use to improve it.

As long as you are respectful, The presenter should welcome questions so you gain a complete understanding of the thought or concept that they are trying to present.

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