Family Golf Lessons: 5 Fantastic Benefits

As many families are struggling to find time with each other, there are many benefits of family golf lessons.

They can be a great way to… Well… Let’s just get right into it and list them…

Anyone Can Play Golf

Keep in mind that the goal is to spend some time with your family. No everyone that plays golf plays to become a touring professional. Many golfers play in order to spend time with those that they play within a group.

This includes the entire family. Yes… Grandpa, Grandma, Mom, Dad, Uncle, Aunt and all of the kids. But.. But… Grandpa does not have the stamina for 18 holes. That is ok. Either play fewer holes or maybe he simply drives a golf car. Remember, the goal is to spend time together.

Family golf lessons have a lot of benefitsFamily Golf Training Gives You Time Together

If… that is what you choose to do. We have all seen the studies, our kids simply want to spend time with us. With that being said, not only do they want time with their parents, they want their parents to be present during that time as well. This means turning off the smartphone and unplugging and actually having interactions with your child. It will be beneficial for you and your kids.

Family Golf Instruction Gives You A Chance To Support Each Other

As a parent myself, I understand the want and the need to feel like you are helping your child succeed at whatever they are trying to do. Trust me… I get it. However, the golf coach is there for a reason. Let them do their job and you sit back and encourage your other family members. Be their biggest cheerleader. This gives you a chance to sit back and enjoy spending time together… which was the goal… right?

Introduce Your Children To A Non-Contact Sport 

Understandably so, many parents are worried about their kids playing contact sports. “Concussions are a surprisingly common occurrence in sports. High school athletes suffer thousands of concussions every year, most often in football, ice hockey, and soccer.” –

Do you think the cheer squad is exempt from these types of injuries? They are not as this headline from CBS reports … “Cheerleading injuries less common, more severe than other sports“ Read the article by clicking here.

The good news about high school golf injuries do not even hit the chart created by Sports and Recreation Safety Fact Sheet in 2015.

Family Golf Classes Will Give Everyone A Sport That They Can Play The Rest Of Their Life

As kids grow up and still look for activities to keep them competitive, playing golf is a great solution to solve that problem. As much as I love basketball, I am old enough to know that playing on a regular basis would only lead to me eventually popping, breaking or spraining something. I do not even want to think about what would happen if I tried to play some of the sports mentioned earlier like football, hockey or soccer.

Much has been said about the decline of the golf industry in recent years. However, I can tell you that there is still A LOT of business that happens on the golf course. Believe it or not, family golf instruction could benefit Mom and/or Dad’s career. The family instruction can make them feel more comfortable on the golf course and confident to not only go play in the company yearly scramble or weekly league where business can be conducted.

As you can see, the benefits of family golf lessons are plentiful. What other benefits do see from this family activity? Please comment below…

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