Golf Instructor In Bradenton: Golf Lessons From One Of The Best Bradenton Golf Instructors

You’ve just moved to Florida and you don’t know where to start when it comes to finding the best Bradenton golf instructor for you. Golf can be a difficult game to learn, especially if you don’t have the right instruction.

There are so many different golf coaches out there, how do you know which one is right for you? Brad Myers PGA is here to help.

We have put together a list of questions that will help you find the best golf coach in Bradenton for your needs.

Golf Instructor In Bradenton FL Brad Myers PGA

Below are a few questions that you may have that will help you find the best PGA golf coach in Bradenton for you.

Are Golf Lessons Worth It?

I’m going to answer this question for the story about myself.

I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the acoustic guitar and recently had the opportunity to do just that when I received a guitar.

Of course, my first thought was to run to YouTube and to learn all that I could. Brilliant idea right?

Many of you know this story well as you’ve done the exact same thing to fix your golf swing.

It didn’t take watching too many videos, that I learned there was a lot of conflicting information out there about playing guitar. this only confused me… Sound familiar?

It was not long after that, I was taking lessons.

The lessons that I took, give me a good base and understanding to improve my guitar playing a lot faster. In turn, playing became more fun and I wanted to do it more and more.

So… Yes… the lessons were worth it.

What Type Of Programs Are Available?


Private Golf Instruction

This is also known as one-on-one golf instruction. it is what most people think about when they first think of taking a golf lesson.

In this setting, it would be just you and the golf coach for a set amount of time.

Depending on your skill level and your goals, that would depend on what you would be working on during the session.

In addition, when most golfers think of an individual golf lesson, they only think of just hitting their driver or irons and standing on the range or practice facility pounding ball after ball after ball.

This would only be one aspect of the game. 

Whether you are a new golfer or a seasoned veteran, it is important to learn all aspects of the game. This does include learning the full swing but also includes chipping, pitching, the putting stroke, bunker shots, and course management.

This is the only way to truly get the most out of the golf instruction sessions and lower your scores. 

Golf Clinics

Some golfers are intimidated by being one-on-one with a good golf instructor in private golf lessons.

These players tend to really enjoy more of a group setting and enjoy learning through golf clinics.

The golf instruction clinics at our golf academy are limited to only eight students for each 1-hour session.

In general, these sessions are very laid-back and are constructed to help you.

It will start with a short presentation of that session’s topic and the remainder of the time you will be given the time to work on that topic.

In the meantime, the teaching professional will make their way around to give you a few minutes of individual instruction during the training.

The great news about golf clinics is that the topics vary. 

For instance, full swing and short game clinics that we have held in the past include… Stop 3 Putting And Learn How To Control Your Distance, How To Hit Your Driver Longer Today, How To Chip The Ball Close To The Hole Every Time, and 3 Steps To Hit Your Irons Solid.

In addition, especially if you are new to the area, it is a great way to meet other golfers of approximately your skill level.

Group Classes For Beginners

A great way to learn how to play golf as an individual or if you are wanting to learn to play as a couple is to join one of the golf academy classes. For example – Introduction to Golf.

In this class, you will be introduced to the basics of putting, chipping, and full swings with an iron and a driver.

Of course, at the end of 5 sessions, you will not be ready to play on TV. However, the goal would be to get you comfortable enough to get you on the golf course.

In these classes, we play a lot of games which you can then use this practice to improve your skills. First, this keeps this fun for everybody, and 2nd it shows you a great (fun) way to practice.

Like the golf clinics above, the classes is a great place to meet other golfers of your skill level. 

How Do I Know Which Instruction Program Is Right For Me?

The answer to this question is going to be determined by what your goals are and your best learning styles.

What I mean by that is this… If being one-on-one with some golf instructors can seem intimidating to you, a golf class or a golf clinic would be the direction you should try first.

In addition, if your goals are to have fun and be social while playing golf and score doesn’t matter, but you would like to get a little bit better, again a golf class or a clinic is probably the best way for you to go.

You might be a golfer, where the group scenario is kind of intimidating to you so you would rather be one on one with your PGA golf coach. There is no right or wrong answer to this question.

The goal of any teacher would be to get you better information and a better understanding of simple concepts so you can hit the ball more solid to have more fun.

I would say the answer to the question of which programs are best for me is very player dependent.

What Type Of Technology Can Be Used For My Swing?


At the academy, you will have access to trackman for technology.

This is the same technology used by the majority of the players on the PGA Tour.

It gives me, the golf coach, The ability to see exactly what is truly going on with your golf motion. Many teachers have compared to being like an MRI for a doctor. It lets them see inside.

This unit will pick up 34 different points of impact, club movement, and ball movement.

The good news for you is that you don’t have to worry about any of that. it is the job of the instructor to break down what needs to be addressed and give it to you in easy-to-understand concepts.

Is a higher handicap golfer, you may be thinking this is not for me. However, I have seen major changes end driver distance using this technology. One of my students left hitting his driver literally 40 yards longer after just one 60-minute session.

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