Solid Putts: Know Where The Center Of Your Putter Face Is

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Do you have trouble hitting solid putts?

Do you stand over short putts and doubt that you can stroke it on the proper line?

Do you truly know where the center of your putter face is?

Do you make what feels like a good putting stroke but when you make contact your hands tell you that you have hit it off the toe of the putter or  have hit it off the heel of the putter?

Many of my students come to me and they think that they know where the center of the putter face is because the line on top of the putter head “MUST” mark the center… right?

Believe it or not… The manufacturers do not always make it easy for you.

This is mainly because a golfer will pick up their putter and just assume by looking at the line or lines on the top of the putter head that they must represent the center of the putter face.

Not so fast.

Here is a quick way to find out where the exact center of your putter face is located to hit solid putts.

First, take your putter and just suspend it or let it hang by a couple of fingers.

Then, take a golf ball and start tapping at one end of the putter face and work towards the center of the putter face.

Do you see how the putter head wobbles back and forth?

Once you get to the center of that putter, it will automatically move straight away from where you’re tapping with the golf ball.

Now go back to tapping towards one of the ends and see how the putter begins to wobble again? Keep doing this process until the putter head moves straight back from where you are tapping or making contact with the putter face.

Most of the time, my students and I find out that the exact center of their putter face is just inside or just outside of the line on the top of their putter.Rarely is it in line with the line drawn on the top of the putter.

If you are not striking the center of your putter face, it is difficult to hit solid putts.

The wobble may send your putt off-line or may give you trouble with controlling the speed of your putts.

Take the 5 seconds that it will take you to do this exercise.  

Then…start hitting solid putts, controlling your putting distances and stop being frustrated while on the putting green.

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