3 Uncomplicated Full Golf Swing Drills That WILL Improve Your Game

3 Full Swing Drills To Hit Solid Golf Shots - Online Golf Coach

Implementing full swing drills into your practice routine is still a vital part of creating a functional golf swing. Currently, one of the buzzwords in the teaching industry is to use random practice to improve your golf swing.

However, it depends on where you are in the learning process on how valuable it will be to you. If you do not have a solid foundation laid down, the structure will not be very stable. With players trying to be consistent, golf swing drills are a great way to implement into a block practice schedule.

Below you will find some good golf swing drills to help you improve your game

Full Swing Drills For Solid Iron Contact

Sometimes it seems like every new player that ends up in a lesson with me wants golf drills for iron consistency. Many amateurs cannot even tell where the ball made contact with the iron face. Becoming more aware of where contact was made, it will result in more solid iron shots and (the good news) it is not difficult to do.

While hitting irons on the practice range, there are multiple ways to determine where contact is being made. You can use what is called face tape. You simply attach the tape to the face of your iron and make a swing. The ball will leave an impression on the tape and you will be able to determine where the ball made contact with the face.

If you live in a humid climate, sometimes face tape has a difficult time adhering to the face and it can become a pain to keep the tape on the club face. In this case, you can use Dr. Scholl’s foot spray. If you think you can be embarrassed buying this at the store, keep in mind golf professionals are buying it in bulk! Haha

The final way to monitor where the golf ball makes contact is to simply look at the club face. If hitting from a grass range, you will typically be able to see where the ball made contact. If you cannot see it, then you could be swinging too high. However, as long as you brush the turf or make a divot, you should be able to find the point of contact.

When doing golf drills to improve iron play, the important part is that you are taking the time to observe where you think you made contact and compare it to where the ball actually hit the clubface.

Full Swing Drills To Improve Golf Swing Tempo

You can first find your balance at address through the feelings in your feet. First, understand that balance works two ways in your feet. As you set up to the golf ball, first find your balance in your feet by feeling more weight on your toes and then your heels until you are centered. Once you have found your balance from back to front, do the same going from left and right.

Now make your golf swing. During your golf swing, you should not tighten muscles in your shoulders, arms, and hands. When this does happen your muscles contract and become shorter. Using that picture it is easy to see that without manipulating the club, the ball will be hit higher or more towards the equator of the ball. This will result in a thin shot or even a worm burner. Most people manipulate the club to try to get back down to the ball correctly. When in balance, your goal is to take a divot that starts just on the target side of the ball with all irons

Once in your finish position, hold this position for a count of three seconds. Most golfers are so out of balance that they have a hard time not falling over. As you continue to make swings, slow down until you are able to stay in balance for that count of three. Again, your weight should be in balance with your weight positioned underneath your shoe strings of your target side foot.

Full Swing Drills To Improve Lag In Your Golf Swing

Pick a target and address the golf ball as you normally would. Now for a right handed golfer, take your thumb and index finger of your right hand off of the golf club. Making your thumb and index finger to look like a gun or pistol will return the best results. As you make some swings, do not get lazy and let these two fingers start to curl back around the grip of the golf club. This will defeat the purpose. I jokingly say that you will end up shooting yourself!

Work with your teaching professional to determine which full swing drills will help your game and help you shoot lower scores!

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