Any of these SOUND FAMILIAR to your golf game?

You have been watching multiple YouTube videos to “fix” your golf swing but your scores are not changing OR just keep going up…

Asking your golfing buddies about what they talked about in the golf lesson they just took...

Practicing with outdated or bad information and therefore your results are STILL not getting any better...

Practicing but... not knowing what to practice therefore... not getting improved results... 

If you nodding to agree like “Yeah... I should be PLAYING BETTER GOLF”

You are in the right place.

Because if you've been suffering from any of the above, you would know because...

You are dealing with one (or more) of these faults (check all that apply)...

Striking the ground behind the ball

I have trouble getting the golf ball in the air

Hard to book a golf lesson with my busy schedule

Ball always finishes to the right of my target

When I swing... I miss the ball entirely

Having questions about what is a proper golf stance

Golf instruction is confusing

Topping the golf ball

Do not have any distance with my irons


Nothing I Try Works

Want to hit my driver straighter

Ball always finishes to the left of my target

Pure frustration with the game

Golf lessons are too expensive

My irons do not feel solid when I swing

Get rid of my chicken wing in my swing

Challenged to swing and keep my balance

Wondering where to put the ball in my stance

I want to hit my DRIVER LONGER


That’s why you’re here...

You might be thinking — “but I’ve been to a hundred golf instructors (okay, maybe not quite that many) and they haven’t been able to help me. They’ve given me drills to do, had me buy multiple training aids, explained various concepts they believed in and I’m STILL dealing with the same crappy scores. (PLUS, none of these golf instructors have been cheap, UGH!)”

Trust me, I get it. I’ve been there. Not only with my own game but with students that have stood in front of me.

Which is part of how I know that the solution to your frustration is NOT watching every golf swing YouTube video available, buying multiple expensive training aids or taking another series of "high tech" indoor lessons that match you against a tour player. In addition, I know the solution is not throwing your hands up in the air and saying “FORGET IT!” Even if you really want to. Frustration does that. I get it.

There are simple ways to find “your golf swing” that will improve your ball striking, lower your scores and have more fun in the golf course.  

Golf Lessons: Are you getting all of the benefits?

How do I know all of this?



I’m a PGA of America Golf Professional that has  spent countless hours and dollars studying how the golf swing

works, how people learn and how to properly communicate these  ideas.

Have We Met Yet?

Brad Myers - PGA  Certified Professional Sarasota Florida

In case we haven’t met yet, I’m Brad Myers, PGA of America Golf Professional. I am Certified in Teaching and Coaching by the PGA of America and I am the founder of The Ball Flight Academy.

My specialty? Helping players unravel and understand complicated golf swing concepts within the game that have been taught incorrectly for years.

Players that work with me get a clear understanding of what it takes to make solid contact with the golf ball and “why” bad shots happen and begin having fun on the golf course.

Being a golfer first, I know firsthand how frustrating not knowing or understanding “why” certain ball flights happen can be. In the past: I myself have had students paying me to “fix them” and I honestly did not know how to do it at that time because of the industry info at that time.

The good news is that I know how to fix all ball fights today and I’m here to help you understand complicated golf swing concepts, learn how YOUR body moves and feel confident about your golf swing.

The Ball Flight Academy approach combines three critical factors to help you


Personalized Golf Lessons

     Yes, personalized golf lessons. Stop searching YouTube and going through vaults of golf instruction videos. Are you not tired of it? You have to be. It can be exhausting. Post any question that you have about your golf swing onto the message board and Brad Myers, PGA will give you a response. In addition, You wil be helping build out the decision tree that will allow you to stand on any range with your smartphone and take personalized golf lessons  

Practice Plans

As you receive your personalized golf lessons, you will also receive practice plans to help you improve your swing or stroke to shoot lower scores.


Truth: You can have all of the best information about swing concepts with the best drills specifically for you… but... if you are not willing to put the work in… nothing is going to change for you. Many people want the magic pill or the easy way out but it just does not exist. Creating a good plan and working it… does work.

What happens when you get your practice strategy, ball striking and course management in check? 

You become the golfer that you want to be...

You will no longer have fear of who you might be paired with at the golf course because you are not “good enough.”

You can walk to the first tee with confidence and not worried about who might be watching

You will be collecting after the round instead of being your friends “ATM Machine”

You will be able to place better in your Club Championship… In a better flight... The Championship flight?

You will have an understanding of why you hit a bad shot and the tools to be able to fix it

You will be able to play golf with your boss or co-workers without feeling embarrassed

You will be able to leave the golf course in a good mood instead of frustrated every single time

You will have access to one voice and not have multiple people telling you multiple things to do

You will have direction in your practice sessions

You will have accountability to those practice sessions

You will be watching your handicap drop

The best part?

Your possibilities are endless.

Exciting Putt Made

You’re ready to not be frustrated. 

You’re ready to claim responsibility for your own golf game.

You’re ready to start having fun on the golf course.

You’re ready to become a PLAYER.

And you’re about to, because I know that you’re finally READY to make this commitment to YOURSELF and YOUR GAME.


The Ball Flight Academy Online Membership 

The program, community, and support you need to hit better golf shots and become the golfer that you were truly meant to be.

Act now... 

This online golf lesson program and community gives you the support you need to get your ball flight working for you and become the golfer you want to be.

What Others Are Saying About The Ball Flight Academy...

Jerry Chatham - Testimonial

I Finally Broke 80...

Over the past two years, the Ball Flight Academy has helped me break 90 for the first time last year and 80 for the first time this year! All online!

Jerry C.  //  Improving Amateur Golfer

Bill Craig . PGA Testimonial

This Is A No Brainer...

I have watched Brad Myers, PGA of the The Ball Flight Academy help all level of golfers for over ten years.

No matter your handicap… this is a no brainer!

Bill Craig, PGA of America //  Certified in Golf Instruction

My game has gone to levels that I did not know I had...

Coaching nationally ranked tennis teams in my 13 years at Tulane University, I know what it takes to coach at a high level. Brad has been able to take my game to levels that I did not know that I had. That is what a good coach does.

Robert K. //  Improving Amateur Golfer


Find The Best Online Golf Lessons

The Ball Flight Academy is an online golf instruction membership program that provides its members with personalized golf instruction, prescribed golf swing drills to solve your swing problems, community and ongoing support. 

But The Ball Flight Academy is more than a program. It’s support and accountability that you don’t find in many in-person golf lesson programs… let alone in an online program..

What You’ll Get When You Become a Member of The Ball Flight Community:


Golf Instruction forum where you questions will be answered by Brad Myers, PGA Certified Professional

Accountability forum where you can post and update progress on practice plans

Success forum to share all of your good rounds with fellow golfers in the community

Live Group Calls

Access to Bi-Weekly Live Group Video Calls Brad Myers, PGA Certified Professional

(replays available for 14 days)

Online Video Classes

Instant Access to all Online Classes that The Ball Flight Academy publishes

Be AN Innovator

Assist in developing the Ball Flight Academy's instruction changing Decision Tree. 

This will allow you to take unlimited golf lessons by simply answering questions about your current ball flight on a lap top, tablet or smartphone.

Unlimited Golf LEssons

Once the Decision Tree is  completely built out... You will access  to unlimited golf lessons that will give you drills that will correct yoru ball flight

Do not Use The Same Ol' Info

Get golf swing drills based on skill and not just trying to get you into positions that your body cannot get into

Future In-Person Golf School Perks

Priority to future In-Person Ball Flight Academy Golf Schools

10% Discount for in-person golf school pricing (subject to change)

Save time and Money

Access to golf instruction when you need it... that does not breal the bank



For A Limited Time...


Every Month After... 

(As long as you stay a member)

(Normally $99 for your first month and then $99 per month after.)

That’s less than a gym membership, less than your daily Starbucks habit (you know it is true), less than you have bet on a football game or hand of blackjack, and about ONE MILLION TIMES the value of your happiness on the golf course, IF you can even put a price on your happiness. Can you? I don’t think so.


If you are putting in the work and after 30 days you do not feel better about your golf game...

We will return 100% of your first month.

A Final Note From Brad…

The Ball Flight Academy Internet Golf Lessons

Listen, I’m no stranger to “I am frustrated with my golf game.” I once had the shanks (while playing competitively). I have been to award winning instructors that took video of a couple of swings then through me up against a popular PGA Tour players like Tiger Woods and Davis Love III and expected me to move the same way that they could. After he did it the second time, I got up and walked out. 

These things sent me on a journey to find real answers so I could help other golfers not go through the frustrations that I had to endure. Look… I don’t have all of the answers but.. I will promise you that I will do everything I can to help you play BETTER GOLF and HAVE MORE FUN ON THE GOLF COURSE.   

Remember that sometimes, no matter how hard it is, change is necessary. YOU CAN DO THIS!

Anything is possible. You CAN learn new concepts that make sense, you CAN hit solid golf shots while on the golf course and not just on the driving range, you CAN feel like your golf swing is YOURS.

What I MOST want is for you is to take action NOW, to make this happen.

Your your golf game can’t afford to wait.

And if I know anything about YOU, it’s this: