Mental Golf Game

No matter if you are playing the PGA, LPGA or Champions Tour or playing for a flight in the Club Championship, it happens on every single Sunday.

Someone has to deal with the pressure and tension of trying to win a golf tournament with their mental golf game

If you are a rank beginner, a middle handicap or a scratch player, we all have ups and downs within each round that we play.

It could a be a stretch of difficult holes, one loose shot or a bad break after a good shot that changes how you feel about your game.

Mental Golf  Game

5 Ways To Improve Your Mental Golf Game...

Control Your Breathing

In stressful situations your breathing tends to become shallow not allowing as much oxygen into your body and your body requires oxygen to perform at its peak.

If you practice conscious breathing during the round you will feel more relaxed, clear headed, focused and energetic, all of which are necessary for peak performance.

  • Be Your Own Best Caddy

  • I have had the opportunity to work with many very successful business people during my career.

    It has always amazed me how these successful people talk to themselves while attempting to play golf.

    At some point during their career, all successful people have had to be a successful sales person.

    They may not have sold actual products but, they have sold their ideas and others have had to buy-in.

    I often ask them how they felt prior to presenting an idea. The usual on word answers include prepared and confident.

  • Confidently Gather Info

  • How would you go about holding that business meeting?

    You would first gather information.

    There is a reason that Annika Sorensta's coach, Pia Nilsson has named her book, Every Shot Must Have A Purpose.

    Where are the good and bad places you can hit this golf ball? What is your yardage, wind etc.?

  • Trust The Informantion That You Gathered

  • Trust the information that you have put together for your presentation and present your idea or in this case swing the golf club.

  • Evaluate How Well You Did... Good And Bad

  • Once you had given your business presentation, you would then go and calmly evaluate what went well and what could be a do-better.

    This should be done while you are still in your balanced finish.

    With a new and improved Mental Golf Game...

    With this information and the past success you have had in business, I suggest that you are better at this than you give yourself credit. 

    Monitor your breathing, be your own best caddy, confidently gather your information, trust your information while you present (swing) and then calmly evaluate what went right and what could be a do-better.

    These steps will improve your golf game sooner rather than later.

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