Golf Swing Analysis

In the middle of the round, your buddy turns to you and says... "I do not want to watch you struggle any longer. May I suggest that you go and get a golf swing analysis from Brad Myers, PGA?"

You know that they are right.

I mean... You've been getting worse for quite some time and as this round goes on, you start to feel more frustrated than ever before.

You can't seem to hit a fairway to save your life, and your putting is leaving a lot to be desired.

Golf Swing Analysis | Sarasota | Bradenton | Lakewood Ranch | FL | Brad Myers PGA

Some of your regular playing partners are starting to pull away, and you're starting to feel like you're not living up to your potential.

A golf swing analysis can help identify any weaknesses in your swing, and Brad will provide you with drills and tips to correct them.

This can help shave strokes off of your game, and get you shooting lower scores in no time.

As every golfer knows, it can be tough to stay motivated when you're struggling with your golf game.

You have done it before so you know that you're capable of shooting lower scores, but it seems like every time you try something new it just doesn't work out.

Below is how Brad Myers, PGA can help you with a golf swing analysis to help you get back on track.

Golf Swing Analysis Technology

Learn about the technology that we would use to help you improve your game...


Brad uses Trackman4 technology which is used by the majority of PGA Tour players to keep track of their progress in any swing changes that they are trying to make.

TrackMan4 is the latest and most advanced golf swing analysis technology available.

It uses missile technology to track the full trajectory of your shots, from short putts to your longest drive.

Trackman4 unit has two radars that will give us 30+ data points about the impact location as well as how the golf club was moving during your swing.

The unit will also map every shot's 3D trajectory in real-time, together with all impact and launch information.

Putting all of this data together is invaluable for helping us to identify any weaknesses in your swing and correct them.

Trackman | Sarasota | Bradenton | Lakewood Ranch| St Pete | Tampa | FL

How Trackman4 Will Help You...

  1. Give Us A Baseline

We can gather information on what you are actually doing and not what we "think" you are doing as a starting point.

2. Track your progress

Now that we have your baseline, we can monitor the changes we are making to insure that you are on your way to hitting more solid golf shots and shooting lower scores. 

If you're looking for a golf swing analysis to help you play better golf, look no further than Brad Myers, PGA.

With regular practice, you'll start seeing lower scores in no time. (More on that later)

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI)

TPI Golf Lessons in Sarasota | Bradenton | Lakewood Ranch

When it comes to the world of golf fitness, the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) is the leader in study and research in how the human body can best swing a golf club.

The best part is that they have not limited their research to the best players in the world, they have also collected massive amounts of data on the vast majority of player types, the middle and higher handicap players.

Golfers vary in many areas including flexibility, strength, builds as well as ideas of how to swing a golf club.

TPI gathers a player’s data from the TPI physical body screen and then creates a plan with what the golfer’s body can do. Thus, building an efficient body-swing connection swing around those factors.

How Can TPI Help My Game?

TPI Golf Training Program is about building a stronger, more efficient golf swing which is one of the main objectives of strength training for golfers.

The TPI customized program will help increase flexibility and strengthen muscles that impact your swing mechanics and power production on the golf course.

TPI Body Screen

If you're looking to take your golf game to the next level, a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Body Screen is where you need to start.

During the screen, you will be asked to perform 13-16 different movements.

If at any time you feel uncomfortable or feel pain, it is time to stop that movement and proceed to the next movement.

You should not have any pain during the screening. The TPI body screen will take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete.

The screening process tests your flexibility, strength, and swing characteristics.

This information is then used to create a training program that is specific to you and how to improve your body-swing connection.

TPI Personalized Golf Workout

Once the TPI Body Screen is completed, Brad will send you personalized workouts that will be created for you to improve your golf swing motion through the free myTPI app.

As we are all busy, you will have access to 15-minute workouts as well as 30-minute workouts that you do not have to be in a gym to complete. In addition, you will get access to videos of the exercises to follow along.

The TPI workout is designed for golfers who want to build a better “swing” and improve their "body-swing" connection.

Blast Golf Sensor

Golfers of all levels can benefit from the use of a Blast Golf Sensor.

How Is A Blast Golf Sensor Going To Help My Game?

The sensor provides real-time feedback on your stroke and swing, which can help you to improve your game.

This makes it easy to see where you need improvement and track your progress over time.

Brad mainly uses Blast Golf while working on your putting stroke or your short game.

For Example... the blast sensor will give us the amount of time that you are taking on your backstroke as well as your forward stroke in putting and/or chipping.

Blast Golf Perfect Putting Ratio | Sarasota | Bradenton | Lakewood Ranch | FL | Brad Myers PGA-

It is important to have these two numbers equate to a 2:1 ratio.

This will allow you to control the distance of your putts and chips to shoot lower scores. 

Golf Swing Analysis WIth Brad Myers, PGA

Brad Myers, PGA can help you take your golf game to the next level.

He has years of experience teaching all levels of golfers including begginers and professionals.

As stated above, Brad uses the latest technology and research to create a personalized swing improvement plan and/or golf training program that is specific to your needs.

Brad can help you achieve your goals.

See What Other Golfers Are Saying About Brad Myers, PGA...

Joseph Jusko
Joseph Jusko
December 10, 2021.
Before taking lessons from Brad I had a tough time breaking 100 even though I was a 15 handicap two years earlier. I was so frustrated with my game that I almost gave up golf altogether. After just four lessons (and lots of practice) I am striking the ball better than in my entire life!! His calm, measured approach was a perfect match to my personality. There was no magic formula but rather a return to the fundamentals of a solid golf swing which I am building day by day. Golf is fun again! I look forward to continuing my lessons with Brad and becoming the golfer I always dreamed of being.
Michael Gonzales
Michael Gonzales
December 1, 2021.
I have been playing golf for a long time and decided to take a few lessons with Brad. I had not been hitting the ball that well and after just the first lesson with Brad I saw improvement. I played a few days following the first lesson and hit my drives better than I had been for several years. Brad has a way of fine tuning simple things that bring improvement. He is very good at making the adjustments simple and with practice, repeatable. Looking forward to several mor sessions with Brad. Thanks Brad!!!!
Robert Johnson Jr
Robert Johnson Jr
November 27, 2021.
I started taking lessons from Brad back in April. My game was so so. Middle 80s most of the time. After 3 lessons and a lot of time practicing my game is now 78-80. He showed me how to improve my golf swing with confidence!! I would highly recommend Brad for future reference!! Thank you Brad!! Bob "bobbyj" Johnson
Juliana Lima
Juliana Lima
November 22, 2021.
My first experience with Brad was when I signed up for his golf lessons offered through the Suncoast Technical College. I was impressed with his knowledge and excellent teaching skills. After finishing my group lessons I was able to start playing. He helped immensely. I then attended few of his clinics and signed up for private lessons. What a huge difference it made! He helped with some adjustments that improved my overall distance. The biggest difference was the improvement I saw with my drive. I had better distance and accuracy which in turn helped me with my confidence. If you are a beginner or an experienced golfer, I highly recommend Brad.
Barbara Beam
Barbara Beam
November 14, 2021.
I recently had a lesson with Brad and it was time well spent. It was also obvious that he not only knows a lot about golf, he knows just as much about teaching golf. That to me, is of paramount importance if I'm the student! He gave me different ways to practice the skills we worked on and didn't overwhelm me with too many things to remember. Brad is also a really nice guy. I had never met him and was a bit nervous at first. He was kind, encouraging, and quickly made me feel more comfortable. I highly recommend him and won't be taking lessons from anyone else.
Bluewater Gear
Bluewater Gear
November 9, 2021.
I have seen Brad only a few times thus far, and already, he has helped me cut a ton of strokes from my golf game. And just last week, I shot my best round to date. I highly recommend seeing Brad if you wish to improve your golf game.
Justin Phillips
Justin Phillips
November 6, 2021.
If you want to play better golf, go see Brad! Before taking lessons from him, I truly did not understand my swing and specifically what to do when it was off. Last week, I started a round well enough but and at the ninth and tenth hole, I lost my swing. Instead of getting frustrated, I was able to refocus on Brad's had been teaching me and turned my round around and finished strong. Even the guys I was playing with noticed the difference. I have seen great improvement and more enjoyment in my game thanks to Brad. He is a great teacher and coach!
Erik Smith
Erik Smith
November 5, 2021.
I attended Brad’s putting clinic and thoroughly enjoyed it! He was very detailed and concise with his directions and made it easy to understand the drills we were working on. Each drill tested different aspects of the putting stroke that has helped me shave strokes off my game! Brad was great to be around and extremely helpful!
Dan Woldhuis
Dan Woldhuis
October 25, 2021.
Brad is an excellent golf instructor, he helped me understand the basic concepts of the golf swing. Brad gave me drills that I can go back to when my old habits start creeping back into my golf swing. Easy to talk to and made practice enjoyable
Alan Funk
Alan Funk
October 15, 2021.
Brad offered very constructive and useful suggestions in a really concise, simple manner. He was helpful and on point with what I needed to do to hit my driver better.

Brad Myers, PGA

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Other Ways To Shoot Lower Scores

While a golf swing analysis can certainly help improve your game, it's not the only thing you need to do in order to shoot lower scores.

There are a few common challenges that people face when trying to achieve this goal:

1. Not knowing Your Weaknesses

A lot of people don't know what they need to work on in order to improve their game. Without this information, it's difficult to make any real progress.

By using the Trackman4 and Blast Golf technologies, we will not be guessing at what is actually happening but we will know what is actually happening during your swing.

2. Not Having A Good Plan

I have heard it said that... "It is good to have a plan but... It is better to have a good plan."

By using the technologies mentioned above as well as Brad's experience, you will be able to create a good golf practice plan to improve your overall game.

3. Lack Of Practice Time

We all live in a busy world and I do not have the time to work on my game that I once had.

This is where we need to be realistic and set proper expectations as we are trying to change a motor skill. You don't just start playing a musical instrument... it takes time.

If you clearly do not have the time to practice, maybe this is not the best time to make a change as it will only lead to more frustration. 


After reading this blog post, it is clear that you will need to do more than just a golf swing analysis with Brad Myers, PGA in order to improve your game.

After doing the baseline assessments with Trackman and TPI as well as watching how you currently play, Brad will create a personalized improvement plan specific for you, your golf swing and your body.

After that, it is your job to not only practice but practice wisely to gain as many references from your motion as possible.

If you go about using your golf swing analysis in this manner, you to see improvement which will lead to shooting lower scores!

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