Putting Lesson

Imagine… after only a single putting lesson with your golf coach… you no longer have to wonder…

“How do I become a better golf putter?”

“How do I determine my best putting stroke?”

“Should I putt straight back and straight through or should I use an arc putting stroke?”

“What should I be working on?”

I get asked ALL of these questions on the regular.

When players come to me for a putting lesson, the first thing that I want to do is put them through a five part assessment that looks at…

  1. Pre-Shot Putting Routine
  2. Set Up
  3. Controlling Initial Direction
  4. Controlling Distance/Speed
  5. Determining break or curve of a putt.

Pre Shot Putting Routine

We will have you talk through what you do and what you think is important prior to making your stroke.

Proper Set Up For A Putt

I would first like to acknowledge that no two players set up to a putt the exact same way. As we talked about above, there are matchups that need to be considered.

Many of the questions I get from newer or higher handicap players during a putting lesson includes (but is not limited to)…

What is the proper way to hold a putter?
How far should I stand away from the ball?
Do my eyes need to be over the golf ball?
How wide should my feet be while putting?
Where should my weight be when putting?

These are very common questions from all levels of players and will be covered in the set up part of the assessment.

Depending on the player’s skill level, we can go into a little or a lot of detail about their grip, stance, posture and ball position. Whatever the player needs to improve.

Controlling Initial Direction Of A Putt

The part of the assessment will determine how much control a player has over his/her club face. A vital skill to have to control initial direction as the ball leaves the club.

This is a very quick and painless test in which we will have you stroke several putts from short distances with various degrees of break.

Control Over Distance/Speed Of A Putt

This part of the assessment also determines how much control a player has over his/her distance control. This is where the majority of time is spent with mid to low handicap players.

The backstroke and forward stroke both take time. The ratio between these two is very important to get the proper speed. Will will measure to see how often you can produce the 2:1 ratio.

Determining The Break Of A Putt

If the player has good distance control, we will then move into how to determine the break or a curve of a putt. Once we complete this stage, we have a very good picture on what can improve the player’s scores in the shortest amount of time.

Putting Practice

Another question that I get often is “How can I practice my putting?” We will finish the assessment by giving you (easy to do) homework. Do not worry as it will be over topics we discussed in the assessment.

You will leave with a plan that will include short putting drills to help you control the club face as well as lag putting drills to help you control your distance.

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How To Find Putting Lessons Near Me

If you are not local to me you may be thinking well all of this sounds great but… How do I find putting lessons near me? There are a couple of ways to do it.

Here are a few ideas…

Ask your friends/playing partners

Keep in mind when searching for a new golf coach, you may want to be referred by players that are close to your skill level that have had recent successes with a professional.

Use an online service like Thumbtack

If you are familiar with an online service like Angie’s list then you understand how Thumbtack.com works. They allow a player to enter the type of golf lesson they are looking for locally. Thumbtack.com will then provide them with professionals in the area that can provide the best putting lessons for the player.

Google It

You knew I had to go here… right? I will say this though… Like anything else online… buyer beware! For those of you that have gotten to know me, teaching the game of golf is my passion. I do not just walk out onto my driveway and turn the video camera on and start babbling. Yes… I have seen that. I am sure that you have too.

As you have done many times, you can go to Google and type into the google search bar one of the following…

Putting Lesson near me

Putting Instruction, (your city or zip).

Best Putting Lessons near me

I think you get the picture. Once you find a golf professional through google, your work is not done as you still need to vet them.

Here an article titled How To Find A Golf Instructor” that offers questions that you should ask before you hire this coach. Click here to read it.

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Putting Lessons YouTube

Rarely (and I mean VERY rarely) do I have a student that at some point does not reference looking for the best golf instruction on YouTube. I get it. There is some really good information there… AND… There is some very poor information being spread.

This has more than likely how you have been trying to help yourself up until now. What if you keep on doing this? Has it been working for you?

Sarasota Putting Lessons

First, you need to know what you are currently doing and why as well as understand what the YouTube instructor is trying to get you to do and why. different parts of the swing need to match up or things will go south very quickly.

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