Golf tips are always all around you just like spiders. Typically the person giving you the information is not always well versed in the game or training on how to teach the game of golf. Here are golf tips that will help you improve your game:

1. Arrive Early For Your Round

It sounds simple but most of the good golf tips are very simple. Think about it. We have all been running late for a tee time at some point. We rushed to the tee without hitting range balls or even stroking a putt. Take a couple of practice swings and let it fly off the first tee. By making a conscious effort to have enough time to properly warm up and clear your mind, you will step on the first tee ready to play well.

2. Simplify Your Swing Thoughts

One of the challenges with all of the available golf tips is that you stand over a golf ball with a thousand different swing keys. Challenge yourself to pick one of the golf tips that is working for you and focus on it for every shot for an entire round of golf.

3. Think On The Golf Course

Many golf tips claim that golfers can simply lower their scores by thinking their way around the golf course. It is true. For example, if you slice the ball 80 percent of the time than you need to pick out a target that is left of your target and it needs to become your main target that you swing at. With this new target, the majority of the time the ball will be working back towards the hole while in flight.

4. Mental Golf Game

There are many different ways to go about learning more about the mental game of golf. If you live in a larger city, you can find a seminar put on by a local country club or golf course. You can also learn about the mental game through golf books or a website of a top sports psychologists.

5. Visualization

You only have to turn on your TV to see top players in every sport using this simple technique. They use it for one reason only – it works! All you need to do before hitting each shot, is visualize the perfect outcome in your mind’s eye.

6. Food On The Golf Course

Like it or not, the food you put into your body prior to the round and during your round is very important to how you perform on the golf course. Yes even as a middle to high handicapper. This is not just for tour players. As golf is an athletic event, you will need healthy fuel multiple times during your four hour experience.

7. Golf Fitness Program

A golf fitness program will allow you to build strength and improve your flexibility. Both of these factors are import to playing golf at a high level or playing golf well into your old age.

Put these seven simple golf tips into your golf game and watch your scores improve and your handicap drop to new levels!

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