Everyone says they would like to hit more greens however, do you know how far you hit every golf club in your golf bag? Not the one time you hit the golf ball flush, downwind and onto a fast, hard fairway from an elevated tee with your driver. Do you really know how far you hit every golf club in your golf bag under normal conditions?

Not taking enough golf club is a common mistake among many amateurs. High handicappers are usual suspects to under club a golf shot and this does not allow them to hit more greens than they do. It is expected that when these type of golfers miss-hit a golf shot that the shot would come up short of the target. However, even when a high handicapper hits a solid golf shot, many of these golf shots come up short. Think about it. How many times a round are you over the putting green?

Many golfers have a distorted view of how far they hit each of their golf clubs. First, many golfers attempt to hit their eight iron as far as Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson did on Sunday. This is simply just not a fair comparison as you do not have the skill or the physical attributes of these players and will not help you hit more greens. Second, many golfers try to stay in good standing with their own ego, especially men. Many golfers think they need to be able to hit a seven iron say 150 yards because they understand it is the “norm.” Do you want to conform to the norm or lower your golf scores and handicap?

To find out how far you hit each of your golf clubs, during your next round of golf wait until you hit a solid golf shot. This golf shot does not need to be perfect but solid. You may use a range finder to mark the distance or the distance markers on the golf course. Remember that the yardages marked on the golf courses are typically measured to the center of the putting green. You will need to find the difference by pacing from the center of the putting green.

Being able to move your golf ball a known distance is a must to hitting more greens, lowering your golf scores and your handicap. If you listen to a golf telecast you will hear PGA Tour players discuss the difference of a yard or two. Yes, a PGA Tour player will get that specific and can get that specific about their yardage for a golf shot.

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