October 29, 2015

Golf Instruction Options

Today, a golfer has many golf instruction options when it comes to learning how to play or lowering their current handicap. Let’s explore a few of them below…

Online Golf Lessons

Iphone Golf LessonWhy should you be limited to learning how to play? With today’s technology and mobile golf lessons, you can take your instruction literally anywhere! With a laptop, IPad or smartphone and an internet connection, you can learn to play the game at your own pace and have personalized lessons while you are standing on the driving range or anywhere that you feel the need.

“Brad’s passion for teaching clearly shows in his depth of knowledge about the mechanics of the golf swing. I am always excited to see what I am able to learn from him each time we talk.”

Ryan Briggs, PGA – Huntsville, TX – Whispering Pines Golf Club – Top 100 Golf Course in the US

The Ball Flight Academy Memberships

The Ball Flight Academy - Beta Membership
Only 20 Players Will Be A Part Of The Original Ball Flight Academy Beta Group
Instant Access to all of the Ball Flight Academy community forums including: - Golf Instruction forum where your questions are answered by Brad Myers, PGA Certified Professional - Accountability forum where you can post your practice plans - Success forum to share all of your good rounds with fellow golfers
Access to Live Group Video Calls twice a month (replays available for 14 days)
Instant Access to all Online Classes that The Ball Flight Academy publishes
Assist in developing the Ball Flight Academy's instruction changing Decision Tree - Answer questions about your ball flight and be given a drill to change your ball flight - Drills will be based on skill and not just trying to get you into positions that your body cannot get into - Unlimited access so take as many lessons as you need - No need to go through barrels of videos and not know which one will help you
Priority to future In-Person Ball Flight Academy Golf Schools
10% Discount for in-person golf school pricing (subject to change)
Save Money - Golf lessons can be expensive but... Not with The Ball Flight Academy
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The Ball Flight Academy - Monthly Membership
Unlimited Personalized Lessons Based On Your Current Ball Flight Using Our Online Technology Via Your Phone, Tablet or Lap Top
Member Only - Bi-Weekly Live Online Golf Clinics To Answer Any Questions That You May Have
Ability to post any questions in the BFA Forums and get responses from our Coaches
Coming Soon!
The Ball Flight Academy - Yearly Membership
Unlimited Personalized Lessons Based On Your Current Ball Flight Using Our Online Technology Via Your Phone, Tablet or Lap Top
Member Only - Weekly Live Online Golf Clinics To Answer Any Questions That You May Have
Ability to post any questions in the BFA Forums and get responses from our Coaches
Save 2 months or basically $100 with this plan
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Facebook, Periscope and Twitter Golf Instruction

If you are looking for free online golf tips, there are plenty available on the internet. Never has the term buyer beware been more appropriate. You will want to vet out who the information is coming from and decide if the info matches with what you are attempting to accomplish in your game.

Facebook Golf Tips

Facebook golf tips can be found by simply following a page of a golf instructor or golf school. Of course, you will need to go to the left side of your Facebook page and click on page feeds. When you do this, all of the pages you have followed will have postings that will come right to your news feed.

Some coaches or academies offer private Facebook groups. Some of these are free and some charge something. It usually comes down to how much access you have to the instructor during the time the private group is active. Now with Facebook Live, you can actually get real-time interaction with your instructor.

Follow the golf conversation with The Ball Flight Academy on Facebook… Click Here

Periscope Golf Tips

Much like Facebook Live, Periscope, allows you to interact in real time with a golf coach. It is a simple app that you can download onto your IPhone, IPad, Droid, smartphone or tablet. As the coach broadcasts a video or what they call a scope, you can type in any questions that you have and get a real-time response. If you still do not fully understand the answer, you can then ask follow up questions.

To keep up with The Ball Flight Academy scopes, open the Periscope App, click on the little people in the bottom right corner. Then go to the top left and click on the magnifying glass and type in WirelessGolf. You should see the profile of Brad Myers and now simply click the little guy with the plus sign on the right side. You will now receive every scope The Ball Flight Academy makes!

Twitter Golf Tips

Finding golf tips on twitter is easy too. After installing the Twitter app on your device, you can go to the search bar and type in whatever term that you need help in improving. Once you find info that you like, you can either follow that person or you can add them to a list that you create. If you are looking for Twitter golf tips you can go to the @WirelessGolf profile and ask any golf related questions that you would like.

Skype Golf Lessons

Many players that travel quite a bit look to get their golf instruction through Skype. This is not only for tour players but juniors golfers are also getting Skype golf tips from their instructor while away at tournaments. In addition, many players that live in rural or places will use Skype to access teachers that are not available in their area.

Golf Lessons Via The Phone

Some players like to take their golf lessons over the phone while others do it because they are auditory learners and it works for them. IN addition, some players do not have access to many golf instructors in their area and they are trying to get the best information that they can receive. Others are looking to improve their strategy or mental game and a phone call of golf instruction is just the ticket for them to improve.

To learn more about taking golf lessons via the phone… Click Here

Sarasota Golf Lessons

When looking at options to take in-person golf instruction, you also have many options which include but are not limited to…

  • Bradenton Golf LessonsPrivate Golf Instruction for Adults
  • Group Golf Clinics
  • Ladies Only Clinics
  • Kids Private Golf Instruction
  • Kids Golf Classes
  • Golf Schools
  • Corporate Clinics

To learn about all of the options available to you in the Sarasota, Bradenton or Venice Florida area… Click here

The Ball Flight Academy has students from Sarasota, Venice, Northport, Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch, St. Petersburg, Englewood, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Brandon, Ruskin, Palmetto and Parrish FL