Some players like to take their golf lessons over the phone. Some do it because they are auditory learners and it works for them. Some players do not have access to many golf instructors in their area and they are trying to get the best information that they can receive. Others are looking to improve their strategy or mental game and a phone call of golf instruction is just the ticket for them to improve.

During your golf lesson over the phone, you can…

Iphone Golf Lesson• Talk about the current state of your game
• Talk about what level you would like to play the game in the near and distant future
• Together come up with some short term and long term goals for you and your game
• Record your current swing on video to get a baseline
• Develop an improvement plan together with your coach
• Gain an understanding of how learning and progress will be made through practice
• Practice
• Enjoy improvement and set new goals

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