Putting Drills With Tees

Many of my students ask me to give them fun putting drills with tees that they can use in practice and improve their scores.

When practicing putting, many players will mindlessly take three golf balls to the putting green, drop them at one spot, and hit them towards a hole. Hey look, it’s not a crime. We are all guilty of it and have all done it. For whatever reason, we have simply just gone through the motions.

What if I gave you away to change that? What if I gave you some putting drills with tees that would make it fun and challenging? Interested?

Here you go…

Putting Drills With Tees: Ladder Drill

The ladder drills been around forever and there are many variations of it. In an attempt to put some golf course like pressure on my players at this time here is how I like to do it…

Putting Drills With Tees

1. Find a flat or slightly uphill putt
2. Place a tee in the ground starting at 1 foot from the hole and continue going back in a straight line up to 10 feet from the hole
3. Player then takes two golf balls to the tee at the two foot line and they take two putts from that distance. If the players misses both putts, they would move up to the one foot line. If they make one of the two putts, they stay at the 2-foot line. When they make both putts they move back to the three foot line.

Depending on the player’s skill level, this process continues for a set amount of time or until the player works up the ladder and makes two puts in a row from 10 feet.

Putting Drills With Tees: Distance Control – Far/Short Drill

When it comes to working on putting distance with my players, many think that they have to have “the perfect speed.” While I find this not to be true… as you can make a breaking putt on many different lines which would require different speeds.

Here is a fun and challenging putting drill with tees that has helped a lot of my players…

1. Place at tee in the putting green 20 to 30 ft from where they’re going to putt from.
2. The player will then take three golf balls from the starting point.
3. On the first putt, the player should be trying to roll the ball approximately two feet past the tee that they put in the putting green.
4. On the second putt, the player should be trying to roll the ball two feet short of the tee that they put in the putting green.
5. On the final putt, the players should be trying to roll the ball and hit the tee that they placed in the green.

Obviously, you can change the distances up fit the skill of the player. If you have a more beginning golfer putting, maybe it is better to use four feet on either side of the tee.

Your goal, would be to perform the task correctly 7 out of 10 times. If you can only do it 6 out of 10 times or less, you would want to make the distance greater (instead of two feet make it three feet). If the player can do it 8 to 10 times out of 10 times, it is too easy for the player and you need to get the constraints closer together.

Keep in mind with this putting stroke drill, you are putting to a tee. As a result, you don’t need to set this up in the center of the green. You can do this off to the side and not take up a lot of space.

Putting Drills With Tees: 10 Putts

Putting Drills - 10 Putts

This is another putting drill with tees that will not only force you to strike good putts but will also put some pressure on you in practice like you’re going to see on the golf course.

To set up this putting training…
1. Find a flat or slightly uphill putt
2. Place a tee in the ground at three, six and nine feet
3. Now that you have the putting drill setup, the goal of this drill is to make six putts from 3 feet, three putts from 6 feet and one putt from 9 feet.

Again, depending on the player’s skill level, they may have to make all 10 putts in a row before they are done or they may only have to make a total of 6 from 3 ft before they move on to the 6-foot putt … you get the idea by now.

As I have shown, these putting drills with tees can improve your scores by being not only challenging and fun as well.

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