What Are The Parts Of A Golf Club?

Whenever I have a new student in front of me, there is one thing that I can guarantee. I will go over the parts of a golf club.  

Of course, most players assume they already know all of the golf terms.

Sometimes the newer players (or higher handicappers) are embarrassed to ask because they are not aware of the various parts of the golf club and don’t want to ask what they deem as a “silly” question.

And… Yes, the better players always roll their eyes at me thinking that it is very remedial. However, no matter the player’s skill level, we make sure what we are discussing the same thing.

Both of us knowing the same golf club names and parts of a golf club is a key for proper communication. Simply taking 2 minutes to do this one thing will confirm that we have good communication going forward.

Sometimes as a golf instructor, we assume that a student has a certain set of vocabulary. It is usually due to how well the player swings the club.

First of all, I think we all know how to spell the word assume but, with that being said let me share a little story.

Believe It Or Not

On this morning, I was on a roll. I had already finished a couple of private lessons. To finish the morning, I was to teach a large one-hour clinic.

It was towards the end of the hour. I was trying to spend time individually with each student.  

It seems like there is one student in every group that thinks the entire hour is for them and unfortunately, I had this student early in the line… so I was running behind.

As I was coming down the tee-line, I noticed that this gal was starting a lot of her golf shots to the right. When I got to her… I had one question for her.  I asked her “ Where is your face pointing at impact?”

She confidently looked at me and said “At the golf ball, of course.”  Right away, I knew we were not talking about the same thing. So, I asked her to point to her face.

Of course, she pointed to the one on her very own head. I knew right away that I had not communicated very well or at all with her.

It Really Is A True Story… I Promise.

It was in that very moment right then and there, that I made a promise to myself. I would never allow that situation to happen again. Not to me. But, more importantly, to one of my players.

To this day, the skill level of the golfer does not matter for me. I  go over the parts of a golf club with everyone that stands in front of me for the first time.

In the many years that I’ve been talking about the parts of a club, you would be surprised at the number of “better players” that have benefited for me taking just a few minutes to go over the parts of a golf club. 

Learn The Parts Of A Golf Club

Make sure that you have great communication with your golf coach and watch this short video on the parts of the golf club.

NOt only will you learn a thing or two… but… There may or may not be a few laughs in it for you as well…


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