Online Golf Lessons

Online Golf Instruction – How To Choose The Best Online Golf Lessons Or Golf Lesson

Learning anything has evolved from the traditional classroom setting to the convenience and accessibility of online coaching. Online golf instruction is a great example of this lesson transformation. According to an article by ThinkImpact – 77% of US companies provide online learning opportunities. Learning the game from golf instructional websites is becoming a popular way […]

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Are Golf Lessons Worth It?

It is surprising to most people that according to the National Golf Foundation, only 17% of golfers take lessons. This may be because most golfers wonder… Are Golf Lessons Worth It? Most players don’t know what to ask their instructor before, during, and after taking golf lessons to get the best results from their sessions.

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Golf Advice For Beginners

Golf advice for beginners is EVERYWHERE! Golfers get  “free golf tips” from their friends, family, YouTube, etc. Golf is a game that takes time to learn and can be quite frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be! Below are some easy ways to be more successful on the course than before, so here is some

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TPI Body Screening Online

No matter your skill level, if you’re looking for an edge over your competitors on the golf course, you should consider going through a TPI Body Screening Online. At the time of this writing, the top 23 of 25 PGA Tour players use TPI Golf coaching. Are you a competitive golfer? Are you experiencing back

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Online Golf Academy

There are many online golf academies that offer golf instruction and/or golf lessons to help you learn how to play golf or learn how to become a better player. From the mechanics of the full swing, short game, chipping, bunker shots, and putting, you can find help via online golf instruction memberships, golf swing articles,

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Junior Golf Webinars

This generation is not afraid to use all of this newer technology, such as junior golf webinars to learn new skills as they have grown up having it around them all of the time. What Is A Junior Golf Webinar And How Does it Work? There are a lot of new technologies that can help

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Golf Lessons Online

As you are getting busier and busier in your life, golf lessons online are not such a far-fetched idea. It is no secret that with the smartphone in your hand, in your purse or, your pocket, business never stops. Let’s make your life easier by understanding how an online golf lesson could help your game

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Flat Shoulder Plane

Maybe… After your last round you were a little frustrated and went trolling online to find out what having a flat shoulder plane means. You could be looking at various videos and articles about shoulder tilt in the golf swing because one of your golfing buddies simply made a comment about your backswing being too

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Golf Pre Shot Routine

Many times when you watch golf on television you will hear the commentators talk about the players having a golf pre shot routine. Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of questions like…  What is a pre-shot routine for golf?  Should all players have a golf pre shot routine? How do I create a pre shot

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Golf Webinar: What Are They?

It seems like everybody in fix it golf is running some sort of webinar. Why not attend a golf webinar to improve your game? There are benefits to attending an event whether it is live or not. For example, a live golf webinar will allow you to ask questions related to your own ball flight

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Golf Ball Position

I think you would be surprised at the different levels of golfers that ask me the question “What is the correct ball position in golf?“ When I learned how to play the game of golf, everyone was taught to play the ball in a different position in their stance depending on what club they have

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Putting Drills With Tees

Many of my students ask me to give them fun putting drills with tees that they can use in practice to learn and improve their scores. When practicing putting, many players will mindlessly take three balls to the putting green, drop them at one spot, and hit them towards a hole. Hey look, it’s not

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Making The Golf Team

Playing good golf has many different areas for a player to be proficient. When it comes to making the golf team, it is not just standing on the driving range beating ball after ball with the driver. The goal of this golf program for kids (Ages 12-18 aka junior high or high school players) is

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Dynamic Loft

As I talk about dynamic loft or active loft with my students, I first want to make sure that they understand that there is a difference between dynamic loft and static loft. Let’s start with the former… What Is Static Loft On a Golf Club? Simply put… the definition of static loft is the loft

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Online Golf Classes

Online golf classes are becoming more and more popular with many players. Back when the earth was cooling and I was learning how to play golf, we did not have the benefit of the internet. Outside of a private golf lesson, a golfer had to read a book or go through the monthly addition of

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